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Thursday, January 28, 2016

January 27, 2016 The service that snow brings!

This week was a pretty good one! 
   Thursday was p-day so we talked then! But it was a good day! 
   Friday we had a meeting for all zone leaders and sister training leaders, it was a training on how to be a leader, because there were a lot of new leaders called this last transfer. It was pretty good though, I still learned a ton of good stuff! 
   Saturday we got the big winter storm! It was pretty awesome! Our car got snowed in, in our parking lot and we couldn't get out, so we wandered around the neighborhood helping people shovel! It was a lot of fun! It was the first major storm this year! 
   Sunday was good! They shortened church due to the storm! It was another quiet day with lots of snow shoveling!
   Monday was a good day, we got to teach one family we found finally! It's the Rizzi family they are super nice, they are Catholic, and Catholics are hard to teach. They say they believe in everything we do, but they don't. It's weird to explain anyways. It was a good lesson!
   Tuesday was spent trying to meet with less actives, we did get into talk to one which we have been trying to meet with for a long time which is really cool! Not much has happened though, it's been a stormy and short week!
   Today Elder Judd and I are going sledding so that should be fun! I will take pictures! Have a great week!

Elder Richards

Elder Judd and I after shoving snow!

Our Zone sledding activity

Thursday, January 21, 2016

January 21, 2016 Missionary broadcast was great!

Week update
This week was pretty good. Nothing super crazy has happened!           Thursday was good, it was a quiet day. We taught a lady we found hanging out in the area book, she's from Colombia and almost got baptized there but then her parents wouldn't let her, so the elders quit coming by so four years later we find her in the area book and start teaching her again. So hopefully things will work out with her! We had a really good first lesson and she is going to read the Book of Mormon, she is going to Colombia for the next few weeks but we are going to meet again when she gets back! 
   Friday we helped deliver meals to older people at their houses. It was pretty fun. 
   Saturday the sisters in a different area had a baptism so we went and taught the restoration while their investigator was changing, but it was also really fun to be at a baptism again! 
   Sunday was good, it was a typical Sunday. We had a lot of meetings, one of our investigators canceled, we had a great dinner appointment though! 
   Monday was good, we had district meeting, which was good. Then we spent the rest of the afternoon looking up some of our investigators and potential investigators. 
   Tuesday was spent doing the same thing. We spent the morning at the rest home doing service there which is always a blast! 
   Yesterday we had a really good worldwide missionary broadcast. A handful of the apostles were there. It was really awesome they talked a lot about the importance of teaching repentance and baptizing converts. It was really awesome because our mission has been emphasizing how it's important to make sure the investigators understand repentance before baptism and that they know how to repent. Because it makes them stay active a lot more often. 
   Anyways it was a good week. I'm staying another cycle with Elder Judd in New Canaan so it will be good! 

Have a great week! 

Elder Richards 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

January 13, 2016 Elder Holland is in the house!

This week has been a pretty good one! 
   Thursday we drove down to the mission office to work with elder Gardner, a senior missionary on car stuff. The sensor in our car that wigs out when you speed was acting up so we went and worked on it with him! We then came back and weekly planned and had a pretty normal day. Our appointment with our investigator was postponed because she was sick so that stinks but oh well. 
   Friday was pretty quiet just a lot of knocking doors. 
   Saturday was really cool we had a mission meeting with Elder Holland, It was really awesome! He taught us some really cool stuff! It was a really awesome treat and I took a ton of notes! He gave us some really cool instruction! It was a real treat! He shook all our hands then afterwords he told us that he does that whenever he goes to a mission. He does it to interview everyone. He said when he looks in our eyes he interviews us! It was kinda scary but I guess everyone passed. He also said Its a good thing we are all obedient or else he would go ballistic and we would be crawling out of there! Anyways that took up most of the day! 
   Sunday we got to meet our new ward mission leader. He seems
like a really cool guy I'm excited to work with him!  We had church
which was good, then we had dinner and then mission prep! It was a busy night! But a good one as well! 

   Monday we had interviews with president and it went well! Not much happened. We later got to have dinner with sister Orhn, one of the awesome members here and a investigator who we have been trying to work with so that's awesome!
   I'm not to sure what we are doing today but I'm sure it will be fun!
Anyways have a good week!

Elder Richards

I hadn't seen a water faucet like this in forever so I took a picture!

Stamford Zone Rocks!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

January 6, 2016 Happy New Year

So this past week has been pretty good! 
   Thursday was New Years. It was quiet but we had a really good time, none of us actually stayed up, but it was still pretty fun. 
   Friday we had MLC. It was a pretty good meeting. We found out Elder Holland is coming to the mission on Saturday. So everybody is super pumped about it! 
   Saturday was pretty good. Saturday we coordinated with the sisters to plan zone meeting. Then spent the rest of the day doing odds and ends. Nothing exciting really happened. 
   Sunday was good. We had a interesting testimony meeting. But the spirit was felt so that's good. Later in the day we had meetings and visits to make. 
   Monday we taught zone meeting. It went pretty well. later we went to try to visit a new family Elder Judd found and they weren't home so that sorta stunk. But we went back on Tuesday and were able to set up a time to come back so that's really good. 
   Tuesday we went to the Waveny care center. Which is always a good time. We spent Tuesday doing look ups which was pretty alright. It's been getting pretty cold which stinks but oh well! I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Richards
Last P-day at the aquarium

Saturday, January 2, 2016

December 30, 2015 Christmas blessings, a new family to teach!

Hey guys! This week has been a good one! It was awesome talk to the family on Christmas! It was a real treat! 
   Anyways Christmas Eve was pretty good we went and visited two families in the Ward and participated in their Christmas programs! It was a good time! 
   On Christmas we visited to families as well! It was really fun as  well, although the highlight was skyping home! The rest of that week was pretty quiet! 
   We split with the APs on Monday and I got to go back to the new Rochelle/office area, it was cool to run into a family that got baptized by the sisters while I was there. It was a real treat, and in good news also while I was in the other area elder Judd and Elder leishman the AP found a family in our area! So that's really exciting. I haven't met them yet. 
Yesterday we helped out at the retirement home, it was a good time like usual. Then later we met with Shawn Gardner, one of our investigators so that was good! 
   Today we are going to go to Arby's! We just barely found out there is one in the mission! Then we may go to a aquarium! So it should be fun! Anyways
have a great week!

Elder Richards

The NY NY North Missionary Choir presented a beautiful Christmas Devotional, "A Savior Is Born."