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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

September 28, 2016 Joe's baptism is on Friday!

Week update! 

Hey guys! Things are going good here! I'm really excited to see you soon! We have been pretty busy lately, making the rounds! This upcoming week is gonna be wild! I'm looking forward to it though! It's gonna be super busy! With conference and everything! I sure love you guys lots! I hope you are doing well! 

Week highlight #1 
this last Sunday we got to go to the Hartford temple open house with our investigator Joe, it was really neat! I enjoyed it! It's really pretty inside and our investigator really seemed to enjoy it. We got to leave the mission to go which is wild! We ended up in the Boston mission but we got permission so it's cool! All in all it was a really great experience! The temple is amazing! 

Week highlight #2 
I had my exit interview with President Smith yesterday and it went really well! He gave me a lot of advice and it was a great experience! It seems weird to be so far into the mission! President Smith is a good guy and he really loves the missionaries. I learned a lot from him! 

Week highlight #3 
I hit my three year mark on Saturday which was pretty neat! 

Week update #4
Joe's baptism is coming up on Friday which is pretty exciting! I won't be here to see him confirmed but I will get to attend and speak at his baptism which should be really cool! I'm really glad we were able to teach Joe a little bit! And get to know him before his baptism! He's a good guy! 

Elder Richards

Dinner at Outback Steakhouse.
Kenny let me try on his cool sunglasses.

Our missionaries!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

September 21, 2016 The Hartford Temple open house and Joe is getting baptized.

Week update

Update #1
Kenny was not baptized again which really stinks, it's seems the day before his baptism he always decides he's not ready and gets cold feet, which stinks, but ultimately it's his agency, so we will keep helping him. He has set a new baptismal date for October 9th which I will miss. But it's alright. We will help him increase his faith so that he can hopefully be baptized this time. 

Update #2
Joe is a investigator the Newburgh elders were poaching, hardcore. But they passed him off to us, so he could be baptized. He had his baptismal interview yesterday and he passed which is nice, his fiancé is a member and I guess his family is really ticked that he is joining the church and is giving his fiancé a hard time. So it was a little wild hearing her story about all that is going on. It was actually the first time we met with them with out the Newburgh elders but it went well. We talked about baptism and all sorts of good stuff and had a couple of laughs all in all a good time. 

Update #3
I hit my two year mark on Saturday. I am pretty excited about it! I sure miss you guys though. I am excited to go to The Hartford temple open house it should be really cool I think! I'm excited for it! 
 and we got permission to leave the mission to go to it. If we have a member drive us and we bring a less active or a investigator. I was pretty sure we weren't going to have a opportunity to go because none of our investigators or less actives were able to go. But it turns out Joe and his fiancé want to go! So we get to go with him on Sunday which should be really cool. I'm looking forward to it.

Things are good here! We are looking to have Joe's baptism on the 30th which should be nice! We are having a good time and working hard! Hope you all have a good week! 

Elder Richards

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

September 14, 2016 Work at the bishops storehouse and reschedule for Kenny

Week Update.

Week update #1
        Kenny didn't end up getting baptized again, His sister was telling him he wasn't ready to be baptized because he wasn't familiar enough with the bible. So that really stunk but he attended church on Sunday and was talking to the members and decided he did want to be baptized again, so he set a new date for this Sunday. Hopefully this one will work out! 

Week Update #2
        We were invited to dinner with a family in the branch and it was a wild one. They have a very unique lifestyle and it was a very eye opening experience. They were baptized just a few weeks shy of a year ago and they are getting ready to be sealed which is really cool. So we went over there and talked to them about the temple and family history. We want to help them have some names they can take with them. although they need to do some work for themselves first! 

Week Update #3
        The bishops store house was yesterday which was pretty fun. They send a truck up from New Jersey full of the orders for people in the stake and it all comes to the New Paltz chapel and so we get to unload the truck, organize it and then fill orders. All in all its a 
pretty good time. 

Week Update #4
        We are getting senior missionaries to join in with the branch soon which should be really cool.  

This week was a pretty good one, we are hoping Kenny will be baptized this week. Have a good one!

Elder Richards

Working at the Bishops store house.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

September 7, 2016 Kenny is scheduled for baptism on Sunday and Zone Conference

Week Update

Week highlight #1
This last week has been good Kenny has been busy going to the US open. He used to be a big tennis player and then a big coach in the tennis world. But he has been down in Brooklyn at the tournament all week but he told us he was going to leave so he could make it to church and he did which which was really awesome. To keep his word and be willing to give up his tennis stuff to come to church

Week Highlight #2 
Kenny had another baptismal interview this week and he passed so he is scheduled to be baptized on Sunday and we are hoping it will all work out well! 

Week Highlight #3
The leaves are starting to change colors which is pretty beautiful! I'm excited to still get to see the fall in the upstate area. The woods up here are pretty thick so it's cool to be able to see all the sights with the fall colors that are starting to appear. It's definitely some Americana up here.

Week Highlight #4
We found out some elders in the zone below us have been poaching a investigator!! THey wanted to baptize a guy in their ward, but they couldn't because he didn't live in the boundary so they had to refer him to us. He's a really cool guy and he wants to be baptized, Sept 30th. SO that's really cool. But he doesn't know anybody in the branch and all his fellowshippers are in the other Ward and he wants to hang out there which really stinks. moral of the story when you find out someone's not in your area reassign them.

Week Highlight #5
We got a new branch president recently I can't remember if I mentioned it before. But it's pretty cool. He is a really good guy

Thats the week update. Things are good here! We are hoping to have Kenny baptism go well!

Elder Richards

Zone Conference
I saw a pumpkin cannon