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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

September 14, 2016 Work at the bishops storehouse and reschedule for Kenny

Week Update.

Week update #1
        Kenny didn't end up getting baptized again, His sister was telling him he wasn't ready to be baptized because he wasn't familiar enough with the bible. So that really stunk but he attended church on Sunday and was talking to the members and decided he did want to be baptized again, so he set a new date for this Sunday. Hopefully this one will work out! 

Week Update #2
        We were invited to dinner with a family in the branch and it was a wild one. They have a very unique lifestyle and it was a very eye opening experience. They were baptized just a few weeks shy of a year ago and they are getting ready to be sealed which is really cool. So we went over there and talked to them about the temple and family history. We want to help them have some names they can take with them. although they need to do some work for themselves first! 

Week Update #3
        The bishops store house was yesterday which was pretty fun. They send a truck up from New Jersey full of the orders for people in the stake and it all comes to the New Paltz chapel and so we get to unload the truck, organize it and then fill orders. All in all its a 
pretty good time. 

Week Update #4
        We are getting senior missionaries to join in with the branch soon which should be really cool.  

This week was a pretty good one, we are hoping Kenny will be baptized this week. Have a good one!

Elder Richards

Working at the Bishops store house.

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