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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

September 7, 2016 Kenny is scheduled for baptism on Sunday and Zone Conference

Week Update

Week highlight #1
This last week has been good Kenny has been busy going to the US open. He used to be a big tennis player and then a big coach in the tennis world. But he has been down in Brooklyn at the tournament all week but he told us he was going to leave so he could make it to church and he did which which was really awesome. To keep his word and be willing to give up his tennis stuff to come to church

Week Highlight #2 
Kenny had another baptismal interview this week and he passed so he is scheduled to be baptized on Sunday and we are hoping it will all work out well! 

Week Highlight #3
The leaves are starting to change colors which is pretty beautiful! I'm excited to still get to see the fall in the upstate area. The woods up here are pretty thick so it's cool to be able to see all the sights with the fall colors that are starting to appear. It's definitely some Americana up here.

Week Highlight #4
We found out some elders in the zone below us have been poaching a investigator!! THey wanted to baptize a guy in their ward, but they couldn't because he didn't live in the boundary so they had to refer him to us. He's a really cool guy and he wants to be baptized, Sept 30th. SO that's really cool. But he doesn't know anybody in the branch and all his fellowshippers are in the other Ward and he wants to hang out there which really stinks. moral of the story when you find out someone's not in your area reassign them.

Week Highlight #5
We got a new branch president recently I can't remember if I mentioned it before. But it's pretty cool. He is a really good guy

Thats the week update. Things are good here! We are hoping to have Kenny baptism go well!

Elder Richards

Zone Conference
I saw a pumpkin cannon

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