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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August 31, 2016 College has started in New Paltz! Ton of new people to find!

Week Update.

Highlight #1
This last Sunday was a pretty wild one, Elder Essler was assigned to give a talk and we told our investigator Kenny about it and he was super pumped! So fast forward to Sunday and we arrange a ride for Kenny and all that good stuff, And Kenny comes and all of a sudden the stake presidency is here. And so sacrament meeting starts and It turns out we are getting a new Branch President! The guy who gave Kenny the ride to the chapel is the new Branch president! But anyways the stake president gets up and has All these people bear there testimonies then he says that Elder Essler doesn't have to give his talk! Elder Essler had much rejoicing. But Kenny and I were upset because we both really wanted to hear him speak! We are going to do a good job to remind the Branch presidency. 

Highlight #2
This last week we were able to have a good lesson with Jack. He has had a hard time reading the Book of Mormon and understanding faith. He really wants to have a big miracle happen that converts him. Which sort of stinks. But anyways we had a really good lesson with him about the book the Book of Mormon. And we got him to understand it a bit better. The major highlight that came from this lesson is when we left he was pretty pumped read the Book of Mormon which is what is best for him right now.

Highlight #3
College has started and there is a state university here in new Paltz which means there are a ton of new people to talk to which is great hopefully we can find some solid people to join the church! We are planning on trying to contact people at the campus, it think it should be really beneficial.

Highlight #4
Kenny used to be a really big hotshot tennis player and he runs a tennis management company. And he always told us these big stories which were wild and very big stories, so we were never sure if they were real or not. But we found out that he is going to be super busy these next couple of days because he is going down to the US open to sign some new players which is wild! It adds some depth to his stories! 

Those are all the major happenings this week! Hope you all have a good one! 

Elder Richards

Elder Richards and new companion during transfers

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