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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

August 10, 2016 Transfers next week.

Week Update

Highlight #1
            We had a pretty good lesson with one of our investigators named Anush. He is a referral from a member. He is straight from India but he is a really good guy. We talked a lot about what his views on God are. He has some weird ideas but we are working to get them sorted out soon. He is committed to pray to find out if there is a God, he has a Hindu background, which is pretty interesting. Its always a fun time to teach people with no Christian Background. We got to start from the foundational principles and work up.

Highlight #2
            We got to meet with our investigator Jack Klix on one of those days this week. He is doing well. He has investigated the church for a long time and I'm surprised at how little he knows. He has a very spotty knowledge of the gospel. As we talk we usually end up finding one or two principles he has never heard of and once we implement them he usually really likes the results in how it ties things together. We also found out he is a revolutionary war re-enactor. He couldn't come to church this week because he is the captain of the New York 18th militia or something.

Highlight #3
            We were at the Branch Mission leaders house for correlation and afterwards we got to resurface a road for the widow who lives across the road, then we stopped to go pick up the car at the Branch Mission leaders house and someone had put gas in his Kubota tractor so after a long discussion on tractors I ended up syphoning out the gas, and then filling it with diesel. Felt good to get to fiddle with tractors again though.

Highlight #4
            We got to help with the bishops storehouse yesterday which was pretty neat. They utilized our strong backs and weak minds. We ended up unloading the truck then sorting the food then filling the orders and then hauling them to people's cars. All in all a good time. The best part was that at the end they had some food that nobody took so they divided it out to the people helping. And I got my hand on a jar of cannery salsa, which is some of the best salsa out there.

Highlight #5
            After District meeting this week we destroyed a Chinese buffet, which is always a good time

Highlight #6
            Kenny our investigator has a baptismal date for this Sunday, which should be pretty good. We have been keeping daily contact with him to make sure that he is feeling ready and working towards his goal of baptism. I think things will work out. He is doing well so far. But he has missed a lot of his baptismal dates in the past

All in all a good week! Have a good one!

Elder Richards 

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