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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

August 17, 2016 Last transfer and its Elder Essler!

Week update

Things in new Paltz are going well, our investigators Kenny is doing pretty good, he has rescheduled his baptismal date which is good hopefully this one will work out. Our investigator Anush has disappeared which stinks, we haven't heard from him for a while which really stinks, the last thing we have heard from him is him asking if we were a Baptist church. Hopefully he didn't get into anything bad on the Internet. Our investigator Jack has some interesting theory's regarding church history, he was telling us that he thinks that Joseph Smiths visits from Moroni we extra terrestrial. It's weird. He was telling us about how there are a ton of gold records hidden in Kanab Utah which is another random story. He's got some weird ideas. Those are really our most progressing people. We did meet a lady whose arms and legs were gone, she told us she believes she a reincarnated Indian prince. Which is really weird all the people here seem to be a little crazy!

Week highlight #1
This week we got invited to a weird private Ward party with a few family members in the branch. A Jamaican couple brought some jerk chicken and I tried it and it was killer! They told me I need to learn English, because I'm a Jamaican. They are super funny people!

Week sort of highlight #2
Kenny had a scheduled baptism and he passed his baptismal interview, but he decided he wasn't ready for baptism which stunk. He came to church though which is a good thing and had a really good time at church and got to witness a baptism of a primary kid

Week Highlight #3
The baptism on Sunday was for a primary kid and it was nuts! The kid that was baptized was a wild man! After the baptism they wanted to confirm him but he was not down! He made a run for it and they had to catch him! Then they had to plop him down and his parents held him and they quickly gave him the Holy Ghost. It was a wild day.

Week highlight #4
We got transfer calls on Saturday night, Elder Matson got transferred to the city and I got Elder Essler! The honey bear! He's wild! This is the area he was trained in which is wild! I didn't expect it to happen or him either! We were both companions at the start of our missions now we are comps at the end of our missions!

Week highlight #5 this week started my last transfer which is wild!
It's weird! I don't really feel different though! So that is good!

This week has been sort of quiet but also crazy! Anyways have a good week!

Elder Richards
New Paltz

Elder Matson and I

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