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Friday, December 18, 2015

December 16, 2015 Its really warm to be Christmas.

This week was a good one! 
   Thursday we had to take our car to the dealership to have a tire sensor replaced, and it took a lot longer then we thought, so that sorta stunk. But after it was finally done we came home and weekly planned. Which was pretty good, that was pretty much the highlights of that day. 
   Friday we helped a family that is moving donate a ton of their stuff. We basically just hauled all of their stuff into a big truck! We then went and looked around for one of our investigators that has seemed to disappear, 
   Saturday we got to go to a baptism that happened in Elder Judd's last area. It was pretty cool! It took up the majority of the day but it was a lot of fun! We had to drive over to Poughkeepsie NY.          Sunday was pretty good as well we had the young men's Christmas program, they had a whole choir and once we arrived we got invited to be in it! Surprise! It was pretty cool though! Later that day we had a meeting with the Stake President and President Smith just coordinating missionary work in the zone. It was pretty cool to be able to see how they work and plan! Then afterwords we went to a mission prep in the Ward! 
   Monday we had district meeting, then we went home had lunch then we went and visited a less active member and then we went to sister Orhns house for dinner! 
   Yesterday we went and gave service at a rest home! It was pretty fun!, later that day we spent making member visits! This week was a pretty good one! We had a lot of good times and things are picking up,which is awesome! Me and Elder Judd are having a great time! It's been really warm here lately which is super bizarre like 50's and 60's. It's kinda nice to, I just hope it doesn't get super cold! Things are good here, I will be playing my bagpipes on Friday at the Christmas devotional. It doesn't really feel like Christmas because it's so warm!
Elder Judd and I with sister Ohrn

Elder Richards

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