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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

January 14, 2015. Every Thing is Awesome!

January 7 through the 14th 2015

So...this last week has been a super busy one but I love being busy! Me and Elder Cloward have been working hard and it's been awesome. We are starting to teach new people which is awesome! One guy we are teaching is named Sait he is from Peru and he is a less active, but he is so solid! It's awesome! He has so much faith! It's radical! It's so fun to teach people who God has prepared! Anyways yeah, we have a baptism this Saturday! So that's awesome! Our investigator John Payne is
getting dunked! He works on wall street and is awesome! We have been all over the city as of late! A cool thing happened we saw Lindsay Sterling at church on Sunday. She sat next to me during gospel
doctrine which was awesome! We have been trying to place a Book of Mormon everyday, it's definitely hard, but certainly possible. We have been volunteering at a food pantry lately which has been fun! Nothing super crazy has happened this week. Which is pretty nice. I had one of
my name tags get ran over by taxis though and it got bent, it's cool looking now! But it falls off even easier but luckily I just got a new one! Also the other night five fire trucks showed up in front of our
apartment and had sirens and everything, so we start to wonder if our building is on fire! But then they all packed up and left so that was weird! I hope you have all had a great week! Love you! PS! I am a Face book missionary now too which is fun! Check it out!

Elder Richards

Evening Update:   

I went to the museum of natural history today in Manhattan and saw some really cool rocks! I took some pictures of my favorites! We just taught a lesson! And now we are headed to another! Then to bed! Love you so much! Have a great week! 
I had no gum gum for this dum dum!

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