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Thursday, June 4, 2015

June 3, 2015 Baptism was Great

This week has flown by!
            Holy cow! It has been really good too! Thursday we had interviews with president Morgan it was really good! He goes home soon and I’m going to miss him! It is always good to chat with him! Later we went over the final details of Ross's baptism with him. Which is always a good thing!  
            Friday I got to go to the Mission Leadership council. Usually its just Zone leaders but District Leaders are invited every now and again. So I hopped on a train up to Scarsdale, It was nice to see a ton of my friends there also! We talked about a lot of stuff at the meeting. We are going to be online Proselyting again so that will be fun! One of the senior sisters in the office got up and threw down on baptismal forms being filled out incorrectly. (The one for Ross was filled out perfectly at this point) So I just sat back and enjoyed my self as she showed some examples of some bad ones. And it must be hard for some people.
            Saturday was Ross's Baptism it was really good! He didn’t want a whole ton of people there so we kept it Low key, Two of our other investigators came which is solid.
Then the people giving talks, a couple from the ward and the bishop and elders quorum President and that’s basically the crew. We called in the heavy hitters for the talks though. And they delivered. Brother Gay gave the first talk and I always love his Elders Quorum Lessons but he did a great job, Ross got Baptized then Brother Scott gave a fantastic talk on the Holy Ghost. So at this point I was letting my guard down because the scheduled talks were done so Bishop got up and I thought it was going to be a cheesy welcome to the ward but he basically gave an amazing talk on how wards work and how we are a support and just how awesome being in a ward is. I did not see it coming. It was a passionate talk I loved it. Then the Elders Quorum President got up and taught from the book of Mormon, which was awesome! And then it was done! It was really good though!
            Sunday I confirmed Ross a member, and for some reason I was so nervous my knees were shaking! I couldn't figure out why. And then all of a sudden they quit buckling and I got on with the blessing!  I don't know it was pretty weird.
            Monday was pretty slow the highlight of the day was Zone Leader Training and it
was mediocre. Not much to talk about there.  
            Yesterday we went to get mail and to give the office elders the baptismal form but we missed them so we went and put posters up for a ward art festival coming up around our area. Then we taught a guy named Mark. He is progressing really slowly. Then we had dinner with some cool members and on our way home we got some hot chocolate at Starbucks and we ended up teaching the plan of salvation to a lesbian Rabbi. It threw me for a loop. She tried to confound us with Woman not having the priesthood, and then we explained that both genders have equal yet separate rolls. And she asked us what Gender God is and it blew her Mind when we said we have heavenly parents. Anyways that is the most recent detail. We are going downtown today to buzz around! But hope you all have a great week!

Our newest member!
Elder Richards

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