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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

June 24, 2015 Good by Elder Ficklin hello Elder Dutson

This week has been pretty good! 
   It was Elder Ficklin's last week as a missionary and it was the Blooming Arts Festival also! so it was nuts!
   Anyways Thursday and Friday were both spent setting up for the art festival. We were essentially the heavy lifters for it which is alright. There are a lot of artsy folk in this ward so the ward was up and down it. I was more of a quiet observer. 
   Anyways Saturday was the actual festival. It was really nice we spent the majority of the day talking to people at the festival, and making sure nobody stole any of the art! And then once it was over, everybody left and the taking everything down responsibility fell to us, but oh well. It needed to be done. Afterwords we got transfer calls, I found out I was going to train, but the missionary's visa didn't get accepted again! Its the second one in a row! anyways Elder Dutson is my new companion from Oak City Utah, its a small town between Payson and Delta. he seems pretty cool though! so that's cool! 
   Sunday was good, Elder Ficklin said goodbye to the members and one of the really cool families the Ortons told us we just radiate happiness and they really like us as the missionaries here. It was a really kind and nice experience. 
   Monday was district meeting, I taught about consecration and missionary work it was one of my better lessons I think. After words we went to a really cool members house! And we had a really fun talk about missionary work! 
   Yesterday was spent by me cleaning and him packing! We had a really cool thunderstorm yesterday too! And now I'm just moving stuff around for transfers. But yeah! My new companion seems really cool! 
   Things are good here! One of our investigators we think Is meeting with the j-dubs (jehovahs witness) so that stinks we are trying to get ahold of him but his phone seems to be broken! And our recent convert Ross is solid! He's going to a members house with us for dinner so it will be awesome! President Smith is still in Utah! He got set apart today and is at the MTC with a ton of other new mission presidents now! He gets here on Monday I think!
   The new mission president is being set apart today by Elder Ballard! It's exciting! Just a lot of stuff is happening and it's really fun!
   My comp seems really cool he is a worker which is rad! I'm looking forward to this cycle I think it will be a good one!
   I'm know this is a good thing to do right now! And I hope I can grow, President told us today the most important thing about a mission is for you yourself to change, which is a good thing I think! I'm trying to be my best!

Anyways have a good one! Love you!

Elder Richards

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