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Friday, July 3, 2015

July 1, 2015 Welcome President Smith

This week has been pretty good! We have gotten a lot done too! 
   Thursday we threw a ton of accumulated crap away from our apartment. We got rid
of a ton of stuff which is pretty good! We then went to teach a investigator at the church But he didnt show up so that stunk but whatevs. Then we went and introduced Elder Dutson to the Bishop. Our
Bishop is a good guy. Then We went to go help a member move a desk he bought. I dont know where the elders quorum was but alas we went. He bought this ancient Desk made completely of hard wood and its about six and a half feet long three feet tall and one and three quarter feet wide. And its on a third floor of a West side apartment with tight stairs. And he wanted to take it home Via subway. I was not looking forward to it at all. but it worked out that he decided to come back with a truck the next day. So we left. 
   We went back Friday night and we brought our Roomates with us. Its a good thing too. Its wicked heavy. Anyways we ended up getting it out after a lot of sweating and lifting With minor damage to ourselves and the piece.
   Saturday we spent looking up a ton of referrals it was pretty alright. One seems to be mostly promising. So we are jazzed about that! 
   The latter part of Saturday was spent building a Triple bunk bed with one of our members from scratch so that was fun. 
   Sunday was rather uneventful just the usual visiting and teaching.  
   Monday we spent at district meeting in the morning. It was pretty good. Then after words we delivered some bibles to people who ordered them. And tracted it was pretty alright. 
   Yesterday we went down to the temple to meet President and Sister Smith and their family! They are awesome! Its going to be way fun to serve with them for the rest of the mission! They seem like tons of fun! Im gonna miss President and Sister Morgan though. But it will be good! 
   The whole mission is going to the yankees game on july 3rd so watch out for that. The Mormon tabernacle choir is singing there also so that will be pretty cool I think! That is about as festive as it gets though.     Not much has been happening though. our one investigator Jay has disappeared his phone is busted or something but we havet been able to get a hold of him which stinks.
   Anyways have a great week!

Elder Richards

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