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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

July 15, 2015 Teaching lessons all day!

This week has been a pretty good one! 
    So Thursday Was busy! We were teaching lessons all day! And nobody cancelled and everybody showed up to our appointments that day which is a rarity! We taught Ross our Recent convert and also Mark Taylor one of our investigators and then Chris Cropper who is one of our progressing investigators so that's awesome. Its always a great day when we teach all day! 
   Friday I accidentally Flooded our kitchen/bedroom. I have been on this water craze where I drink a glass of water every hour on the hour and I was filling up the pitcher we keep in the fridge then I got busy And came back 30 minutes later and there was water everywhere. SO we had to clean that up and move some of our appointments. Luckily our downstairs neighbors are way chill so they didn't freak out! But everything is taken care of now! 
   Saturday was pretty good also. We taught Hector he is a investigator that loves learning about our church, and he accepts the gospel, the only problem is he wants to start his own church and he wants us to speak there. So thats sorta awkward. We are going to see if he wants to serve a mission instead.
   Sunday was good we had record number of investigators at church, which is three but its solid so its cool. Its always nice to have people come to church. 
   Monday was pretty good. I taught district meeting about successful missionary work. So that's always a good thing. they were filming a movie in front of the church also that day which is pretty cool! no clue what movie it was though! 
   Yesterday we were calling a lot of referrals we got. church headquarters must have refreshed the referrals thing, because we are getting referrals from over 4 years ago, but we still need to look them up, anyways we were working through them and we came across one for Mehmet Oz so we are like oh look some joker sent us a referral for Dr. Oz. So we called it and it was Dr. Oz's Studio so that was really weird. Nobody was interested in the Gospel but it was certainly a fun call. 
   Today we were going to go skateboard in central park but it looks pretty rainy so we are probably gonna just skate around Inwood. 
   I've been studying Joseph Smith a lot lately, my findings are that he is definitely a prophet! Anyways! That camp Helaman sounds awesome! Where is it taking place at? That is nuts all the missionaries are done! It's crazy I remember all these people leaving! Times flying! Pretty soon I will be reporting! I've still got a while though! I definitely missed hanging out during the Fourth of July! But I spent it doing a pretty good thing! That's nuts grandma and grandpa are already in Alaska! I will have to email them! I really want to head up there when I get home! It sometimes rains like it does in Alaska and I get the smell of the ocean which is awesome! It was so fun to fish up there with you! I miss having those fires in the back yard! They were so fun! I did enjoy the Zelda pictures! They cracked me up! 
Anyways have a great week!

Elder Richards

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