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Friday, July 10, 2015

July 8, 2015 Batter Batter SWING!

Week update
   This week has been a pretty good one! Thursday sorta stunk, all of our
lessons cancelled on us which threw a wrench in our plans so we
knocked some doors, nothing to crazy ended up happening.
   Friday was pretty good we taught Paul Cabell in the morning it was pretty chill.
He is a interesting guy! But he has a really good heart. Anyways the highlight of Friday was going to the Yankees game with the entire mission. It was a blast! We ended up having to leave early to be home on time but it was still really cool! It turned out the Yankees won too! so that is rad! It was a really fun time. Its a real blessing to be able to go to a game like that. Saturday was good, the fourth of  July was pretty quiet we had to be home early that night but we got a new investigator named hector he really wants to learn more about the bible and the book of Mormon which is awesome, the only problem is he wants to start his own church from our doctrine, which is pretty interesting to say the least. But we have a plan for him.
   It was weird w
e met a person who is nuts! She was telling us about her dreams where a goat baby was born and she was freaking out.! She's crazy! We live in a Dominican neighborhood so not to much happened for the 4th, everybody just got drunk, The streets were quiet afterwords the morning after! So that's cool, but other then that the fourth of July was pretty alright. 
   Sunday was normal. we ended up teaching gospel principles so that was fun it was essentially just a lesson during church with the sisters but what eves. Sunday was good though we went to a members for dinner and we were talking about the book of Abraham and stuff it was cool!
   Monday was Zone leader Training. It was pretty interesting they just read scriptures to us the whole time it was a new twist. I didn't see it coming at all.
   Anyways Monday was pretty successful too we ended up getting another investigator that day so it
was pretty pumped.
   Tuesday was good too, we were teaching lessons about 70% of the day so I will take that anytime. It was good though.
   I'm doing good! It's been way way way humid here! So although it's only 85 degrees I sweat like a animal! It's horrible but it's whatever!
   The new mission president seems really cool! I like him a lot so far! Elder Dutson is cool! We get along really well! So that's always good! I'm doing good!
   I think my shoes are about dead. But I'm gonna really make them endure to the end! At least till they give up the ghost!
   It's been getting a little rainy lately which is pretty nice! It cools things off. I miss you! Love you guys lots!
    Today is supposed to be rainy so we went over to Elder Holtoms apartment in the Bronx and we are gonna play some board games so nothing to crazy there! have a great week!

Elder Richards

Mormon Tabernacle Choir sang and the missionaries all got to go to the game!

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