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Thursday, July 30, 2015

July 29, 2015 NASA??

Week Update
            So this week has been a pretty good one! Thursday we were pretty busy with lessons we taught Paul in the morning and then he decided he wanted to come to every other lesson that day with us. So we told him about all our lessons at the church. And he came to every one. So that was really nice, he gets a little chatty though but he always has good comments.
            Friday we did a lot of planning. We taught one of our investigators named Kelvin, he is very unique. We talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ. He seemed to understand it pretty well. He said he was really looking forward to learning about the celestial world. So we took that as a good sign although we had never mentioned it.
            Anyways Saturday we helped move some people so that was pretty solid. Then we taught two of our investigators and I had a first. I taught my first lesson to an investigator in their own home. Since I’ve been in Manhattan the whole time most of the investigators prefer to meet at the church because apartments are so small. So that was pretty fun. Afterwards the senior sisters had the whole zone over for dinner
so that was jammin.
            Sunday was pretty good; we set a new high score for investigators at church with a staggering 4 investigators. It was honestly hard to wrangle them all around to gospel principles and elders quorum. But it was awesome to see how they all enjoyed it so much.
            Monday we helped another member move we almost got a rad leather couch but they ended up fitting it in their trailer so it ended up being rad/bad. But that is life. Anyways Monday we had one of our lessons not show up so that stunk and we taught hector and he decided he wants to start a church of his own again. So that stunk. Then we went to dinner with a family in the ward. It was pretty jammin.
            Tuesday we taught a ton of lessons. Ross our recent convert is really into church history so we found a church history textbook that we gave to him. He seemed pretty pleased. We also taught another investigator the plan of salvation. And found out he really loves the celestial kingdom because he believes that we need to build spacecraft and explore the galaxy and once we find god in the galaxy he will show us where the celestial kingdom is and then we can travel through space and everyone can go there....... I did not see that one coming but it T-boned me. Elder Dutson and I were speechless. He was telling us about NASA and all sorts of space stuff. He thinks some satellite named Kepler or something has seen the star cluster God lives in. He also told us about how there was an alien who said that he started the Mormon Church, but he said he thinks Joseph Smith started it. Everything we though we knew about him flew out the window. So we will have to see what happens there. Anyways today is going to be wicked hot so I’m not sure what we are going to do yet but I’m sure we will find something.
            Its been wicked hot here as of late. It keeps getting hotter and hotter. So that really stinks but all is well here. Had a migraine on Sunday but I got it after church so that is good! Transfer calls are on Saturday and transfers are on next Wednesday, I have no clue as to if I will get transferred or not! I don’t really have a preference both have pros and cons. I will just wait and see! Inwood has been really fun though! Anyways how was the 24th? I hope you had a good time! 

Love you all!

Elder Richards

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