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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

July 22, 2015 It's been so hot here lately!

This week has been pretty good. 
   Thursday we were planning to be really busy but all of our peeps canceled on us. We did teach Paul in the morning though. Then we cruised around looking up referrals so that's pretty alright nothing really crazy happened, 
   Friday was the same, people just decided they couldn't meet which really stunk. We looked more people up with nobody really being home or interested. 
   Saturday was a step up, we got to teach a solid lesson to our investigator Hector, he's really solid all except for the fact that he wants to start a new church. Nice! So we are helping him realize that it's not necessary. 
   Sunday we had a freakton of people at church, a all time record of 3 investigators so that's cool.
After church on Sunday we went to a less active named Sanjay, He's really cool his work keeps him from church but he says he wants to come, anyways he is just really cool, and he always makes really good food for us too! 
   Monday was good we had district meeting and interviews with President Smith at the same time so that was weird but it was pretty good too. President Smith is a pretty cool guy. After all those meeting we went home and changed and ended up just teaching lessons for the rest of the week which is really cool. We only planned one lesson but the rest of them just happened I guess by chance. But all is well. 
   Then yesterday same story we taught five lessons back to back. It was wicked. It's just nice having appointment after appointment. We taught our recent convert Ross then Hector then Mark then Kelvin then Terence. So it was really awesome. 
   I've been reading and studying a lot about the restoration lately and just how divine it is. So just so you guys know Joseph Smith is a legitimate prophet, anyways have a great week! Ps I'm sweating like a dog in all these pictures sorry! It's been so hot here lately! It stinks. I'm staying hydrated though! So last week stunk but this week is really solid so far! So is jamming about that, We have been cranking the AC in the crib like mad lately. It's just so humid! Anyways this last weeks been alright but this week is looking up.

   So our investigators right now are one guy named Hector, he's 19 and has started reading the bible. Last October he met with the Jehovah's witnesses but decided that it didn't makes sense, he wants to learn about Jesus Christ so he can start his own church and retire at age 21, so we are trying to help him decide that instead of starting his own church he can build Christs church! We are hoping we can help him want to go on a mission! 
   Another investigator is a guy named Kelvin. He just showed up at church one week and we have taught him for the first time yesterday although he has come to church twice now. He's really interesting, we don't know a whole ton about him yet. Following that meet with Mark Taylor. Mark Taylor I can't figure out, we think he may not need to be baptized because he is innocent. We are going to have the bishop meet with him and help us decide. Those are the really our main investigators Ross is doing well! I also found out Sait from my last area is now teaching elders quorum which is awesome! It's always great to hear things like that! 

Elder Richards

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