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Thursday, August 6, 2015

August 5, 2015 Transfers are here!

   8:40 am.  I got transferred to the office! So I'm driving all over the mission today! I won't really get a chance to email until a while later! But I will! I have to move bags and drive missionaries upstate and to the city and stuff! You know how it goes! Love you lots! You will hear from me soon!
   7:36pm.  I haven't been to my apartment yet to even see it! 
   8:00pm.  Hey guys! So I got transferred to the office! It's crazy! So today was the first day and we were running transfers, I was driving a 18 passenger van through the city and upstate! I've been going from 9am-now it's nuts! I've seen the mission all in one day! So I basically haul everything around the mission! And I'm the mail man also. So that's cool. We have spent the last 3 hours taking bags to sisters that forgot them in Connecticut. So that's bumping. Now we are having dinner at the mission home with the returning missionaries. We got a nice meal from it! So we now are in the New Rochelle area, we work it in the evening and spent the days in the office! We live in New Rochelle also so we will drive to Scarsdale and the mission office and home a ton! So I'm looking forward to that! It will be fun. The last week in Inwood was good, nothing really crazy happened which is good.
Nothing really I can remember I've just been really pumped to be in the office! Anyways have a great week!

Elder Richards

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