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Saturday, August 15, 2015

August 12, 2015 What a busy week!

So this last week has been super busy! Which is a good thing! 
   So last Wednesday was nuts we were driving missionaries all over the mission. And then they would forget their bags so we would have to drive all the way back and pick them up. And that really stunk. So after all that stuff was pretty much done, we went to the mission home for dinner with the missionaries going home. It was pretty good! All the returning missionaries were really weird and awkward though! But, whateves. So we went home, took our bags to our apartment and then went
to bed, 
   Then at 5:30 the next morning (Thursday) we had to go back to the mission home to pick up the missionaries and drive them to the airport. So we end up hauling all the sisters in the 15-passenger van, and one of the AP's took our usual minivan that we drive around. Anyways we are driving through the Bronx on our way to JFK and the minivan with one of the returning elders and all of the luggage starts smoking wicked bad, so they pull over and we all keep going. Turns out there was a
leak in the radiator hose and it had been dripping out all over the place and was finally empty! So from my approximation it looks like they blew a head gasket and were burning oil and getting it mixed back into the Radiator where the white smoke was coming from. But that’s just a guess, so pretty much anyway you slice it that van is out of commission for a bit. Anyways we get everyone to the airport miraculously traffic was terrible. And we head home to do our grocery shopping and laundry. Then we had to go deliver the keys to the minivan to a tow truck place in Yonkers so we went over and did that. And we got another call from the office, saying some of the sisters weren't paying attention and missed their flight... so we were on standby to see if we had to go pick any of them up and bring them back, but we never got the call back but President Smith did have to go pick one up for another night because they couldn’t get her any flights. But that was Thursday. 
   Friday was spent at the office, doing safety check offs to be able to drive the big van around so that was pretty good. It was super boring too though. 
   Saturday we went and did a mail delivery to the city zones of our mission. So that was cool we were in the 15-passager van cruising around Chinatown. It was nuts but we ended up not hitting anything and getting the mail delivered so that is a good thing. 
   Sunday we went to church, it was pretty chillin. The ward is going to need some help they have it in their minds that the office elders just hang at the office and never do missionary work. So one of my goals is to show them that with me it’s not the case. So we have some work to do. 
   Anyways Monday we got to go to President Smiths Staff meeting so that was fun nothing too crazy happened though. Then we went to district meeting, and then we went and filled orders for the mission. Then we had lunch. And then we had some odds and ends at the office, but at about 5 we finally got to some proselyting! So we went and looked up a kid in a town nearby, he's 11 and interested in religion. But he is pretty cool; he is just hard to keep focused. But we are going to keep looking people up. Tuesday we did another Mail Delivery to the city zones. It was good, no accidents happened. It was pouring rain too so that was fun. 
    Today I have no clue what we are doing. One of my companions likes to plan things and not tell anybody about them until he is ready to go do it. It is super annoying because it’s usually rather dull. 
This week has been pretty good! It’s been way busy and exciting, which is good! I’ve been hanging out with all the senior missionaries who run the office, which is a good thing! They're pretty cool! I’ve been running a lot of errands for them. One of my comps is a doofus though. He treats me as if I’m a baby, which is stupid. So when he makes stupid remarks I just ignore them or I say thank you very much elder. Hopefully he will catch on that it’s rude soon. That’s the most of my worries though so I’m doing well!  I’m in a trio! It’s all right! Ive seen President Smith every day so far this week! He is really cool He is an awesome guy! I think he is pretty cool! I’ve been to the mission home twice so far I’ve only eaten with them once. I cook most of my food, which is good.
   So most p-days are normal its just transfer p-days are nuts, but we get Thursday to make up for it so that’s good. But today I ran round with my zone leaders it’s been pretty fun!

Last week has been pretty good! Have a good one!

Elder Richards

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