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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

August 26, 2015 Lots of Zone meetings and deliveries!

Week update,
So this week has been pretty good,
Thursday we had zone conference. It was good we talked about the book of Mormon, health and safety, online missionary work and the such. It was good though. It took up pretty much all day. I was bushwhacked by the end of the day. It was a long day of hauling people around.
Friday we just took mail to the last zone conference. We grabbed lunch there then we left and headed back to the office, and took some of the cars to the shop to get some maintenance done. So that took a good chunk of time. They weren't able to get any of the cars done before they closed so we had to call the zone leaders and have them give us a ride to the office to pick up our car.
Saturday we had a district APF It went pretty well, I stood in the street for two hours holding a free lemonade sign. I was assigned that job so I did it but it sort of stunk.  I did manage to get a few cars to pull into the church parking lot so that’s good.
Sunday was nuts, The best part is a polish guy named Ziggy came to church, he came because he thought there were free clothes but he stayed for the gospel. So that’s good! I also found out on Sunday that Hector from my last area got baptized! SO that’s way cool! It’s always nice to hear about things like that happening.
Monday morning we went to staff meeting at the office, then district meeting, then Taco Bell with the zone leaders. Then we filled missionary orders, drove for half an hour to our investigators house and he wasn't home so we contacted a bit then headed home for the night. Oh! It was my 11 month mark to so that’s fun!

Tuesday we did deliveries to the city zones, Its super hot but I get to cruise in the nice air-conditioned van. I drove for all the Bronx areas and Chinatown. Traffic was a deadlock again. So that’s always a good time. Then after we got home we had to go pick up some of the mission’s cars from the Firestone shop, then we headed home! We had a really busy week at the office but it was a lot of fun too!

Elder Richards

Office Elders

We lured a few unsuspecting cars into the church parking lot with this sign.

My last transfer with Elder Dutson on the far right.

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