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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

September 2, 2015 Leaves are starting to change.

This Week’s Update.
Hey everyone! This week has been a good one! It seems like it has flown by! Thursday we helped a member move! They are a really cool family. It was a good time! They moved to a small neighborhood in the Bronx. It looks like a pretty nice area from when I was there. That took up pretty much the entire day.
Friday we did the Upstate mail deliveries. It was pretty good; we went to the eastern states version of Carl’s Jr. for lunch. It was good but I like Carl’s Jr. more. Anyways it was a long day full of driving! The leaves are starting to change a little bit! I can’t believe it is already September! It seems so crazy!
Saturday was good, we did a Spanish APF, and I went on a short split with my Zone Leader Elder Burrell. He is a really cool guy, we were roommates in Inwood. And we have been friends since then! After the APF Elder Hills sister took us to lunch. It was a lot of fun!
Sunday was average, really nothing out of the ordinary happened! The wildest thing was in the evening we were looking up some referrals and we were deep in the hood! And we ended up talking to hood rats for like 30 minutes. They made no sense and I could hardly understand them. But it was unique.
Monday was pretty uneventful also we just did a lot of office stuff. We met a drunken Jamaican who thought I looked like an Italian.
Tuesday we did city deliveries. Traffic was really bad yesterday which stunk!
But oh well! Today we are headed to get haircuts then we are going down to the city so it should be a good day! Love you all!

Elder Richards
The East's version of Carl's Jr.

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