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Thursday, September 17, 2015

September 16, 2015 Transfers and I go too.. UPDATE!

This Last week was pretty wild! To start off:

Thursday was a pretty fun day! We had to drive to Connecticut to pick up a washer and dryer! So
that was a bit of a drive. Then we had to drive across the mission to West Point to drop it off and install it at a senior couple’s apartment! West Point is really cool! They have all sorts of cool army
stuff there. It was neat to be on the base too! Then we had to drive home in some crazy rain! It was pouring! It was a little sketchy but we didn't crash so it’s cool! 

Friday was pretty good too! We went to the Train the Trainers meeting! It was a lot of fun. It was sort of weird because I wasn't training but there was still good things said! It was also fun to talk to all the trainers! Later that night we went and moved some mattresses which was alright then we went to a lesson with the sisters! They ran into this guy who said he was really interested in family history and he wanted to meet us at the church and learn more. So he came and they had us and the ward mission leader come. Anyways this guy shows up in full military camo and leather boots and
beret and everything and he proceeds to tell us he is in the Pan African Defense Force. Then he starts telling us white man stole Jesus Christ from the Egyptians and that Horus is the real god. And how the church is just ran by a bunch of white guys from Utah and all sorts of crap. So we read scripture, bore testimony and he rejected us. He was pretty contentious and definitely didn't come with an open willing to learn mind. So that was weird. After that we split with the zone leaders and Elder Hill left and Elder White came. 


Saturday we did mail deliveries to upstate. It was a ton of fun with Elder White! He is really similar to me so we talked about music a lot! It was cool! We stopped by chic-fil-a In Danbury CT and some member hooked us up! And then the restaurant gave us cookies, because they respect what we are doing. So that was way cool! Then Saturday night I got a surprise call to be zone leader in the Stamford Ct zone! Which is a huge twist! I thought for sure I would be in the office one more time! Anyways this new ward is a really cool one from what I understand! So I'm excited! 

Sunday was pretty good I packed a ton of my stuff and then we went and looked up some less actives. 

Monday was really cool! Katy and Allie got permission to come take me to lunch. It was way cool! It was really fun to go visit with them and to talk and stuff! After word we went to the office and filled orders and figured out how we are going to haul everybody around for transfers! It was really good! 

Tuesday we went down to the city for Elder Hills doctor appointment. Then we went to lunch with the zone leaders. Then we went grabbed our suits and went to pick up the new missionaries! They all seem like a cool bunch! 

Wednesday was nuts! We had to drive people around from 5:30 am to like 4 in the afternoon then I got dropped off and replaced by Elder Dutson my last comp! Who is awesome! Anyways then I had to haul some of the sisters in our zones stuff because they forgot to bring their car to transfers, they just car pooled with their roommates which really messed up some stuff. Anyways we ended up hauling all their stuff to their apartment. Then we had to wait for them for a while because they decided to go grocery shopping. So that sort of stunk we were late for our appointment. We went to a member’s house for dinner which was really cool! The dad IS a really big hunter and he has hunted ducks on POW Island in Alaska which is rad! Anyways I was super tired yesterday! This last week has been full of surprises though! Its nuts!
Hope you all have a great week! Love ya!

Elder Richards

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