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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

September 9, 2015 #Newyorkcitytraffic

This week has been pretty routine! Sorry! But Thursday was good. The highlight was we went to teach a media referral, so we get in there and sit down. And then the guy pulls down a projector screen. So I already know it’s going to be good. He ends up giving us a lesson on Daniels vision of the stone cut out of the mountain without hands. It was interesting. He was accurate on something’s but way off on others.
But he has a strong conviction of the apostasy so that’s good! He is also really into conspiracy theories. All in all it was an enjoyable time. He is going to read the book of Mormon so that’s a good thing.
Friday we had MLC or the Mission Leadership Council. It was pretty good. I enjoyed myself they discussed problems in the mission and also how we can be more effective in our missionary work. Over all it was a positive experience. Later that evening we went and taught one of our investigators named Lewey, he emigrated here from Italy like 50 years ago, and he is full of stories too. He is really hard to keep focused.
Luckily we brought our ward mission leader and he was really helpful, they are both pretty old. So they got along great which is just awesome. The lesson ended up going really well!
Saturday was spent moving furniture to different missionaries’ apartments. Nothing too exciting there.
Sunday was good, nothing crazy happened.
Monday we had district meeting which was pretty alright. Afterwards we got lunch and then we got to clean cars And get them ready for inspections!
Tuesday was our mail delivery to the city. Traffic was really bad. We drove about 60 miles and it took 10 hours. #Newyorkcitytraffic. That was really the week though! Hope you all have a good week this next week!
Transfer calls are this Saturday and transfers are next Wednesday! it will be a crazy day for me so you can expect a good email on Thursday next week! and maybe a short one on Wednesday

Elder Richards

Me in front of the New York times stuck in traffic

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