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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September 30, 2015 Go, go, go!

Week update.

            This week was pretty good! Thursday was interviews with president! And my year mark! For every interview our president runs with the zone leaders in the morning. So that was fun, he has done a handful of iron man races so it was fun keeping up with him. Afterwards we came home and all used the showers then he took us to breakfast and then we hit interviews. It was all pretty good!
            Friday we helped a family move stuff into their house all is well. But I am yet to help somebody move as a missionary and some elder doesn't break or put a hole in anything. Over all it was a good move.
            Saturday we got our car repaired which is nice the tire kept going flat and it needed a safety inspection. So we had to drive to New York to get it taken care of.   
            Sunday was good. We spent the day tracting / looking up people. Everybody was really nice. But none were really interested. But that's all right. 
            Monday was district meeting / car inspections. It was a good time. It was fun to see the office senior couples again! Later that day we went and nicked some doors.     
            Yesterday we went and gave service at a rest home. I got to play word games with old people it was a good time!  Afterwards we went and tracted some more houses. We had a bit more success but no one was super interested. Nothing really crazy or anything happened. So that's all right! I hope you all had a good week! Love ya!

Elder Richards

Look ma no hands!

The Stamford Zone got rewarded with Dunkin Donuts for having exceptionally clean cars.  Thank you Elder and Sister Gardner for managing the automobiles and encouraging our missionaries.

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