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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

October 7, 2015 General Conference was great!

Week update,

General conference was a great time! I really enjoyed it! I thoroughly enjoyed it. I really liked the one southern sisters talk I can't remember her name. They were both really good. It was a great conference. Easily the high light of my week. The neighborhood we live in is pretty good it's pretty quiet. We live more towards the business part of town. It's pretty good though. I can't complain. This week had a considerable amount of tracting. We knocked some huge houses, the people were all very kind, but not interested. Our main investigator Darlene has gone AWOL, so hopefully we can hunt her down soon. We ran into a new less active at general conference, so that was good. Don't know too much about him yet. We went to a senior center this week to give service, it was an enjoyable time!  They were cracking jokes and all in all were quite lively and entertaining. All in all it’s been a quiet week. We really just tracted a lot. Friday we had a MLC meeting which took up most of the day. We are having a 70 visit the mission tomorrow. So it talked a lot about this meeting. I think it should be a good visit tomorrow. It's been getting pretty cold out here recently which is both good and bad. It's nice to have a car. General conference was a good one though. I took lots of good notes and figured out some ways to apply what I learned, which is the best part! Anyways hope you all are doing well! 

Elder Richards 

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