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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

October 21, 2015 Work, Work, Work!

Week update. 
This week has been pretty good. 
   Thursday we got to go help one of our members do some yard work which was pretty good. We just packed up a ton of wood and general yard junk into a u-haul then we took it to the city dump. It was pretty alright. I thought it was weird to use a u-haul but I guess people just don't have trailers out here. 
Anyways Friday was pretty good. I spent a majority of the day tracting, nothing too much to report there. 
   Saturday we went and helped out one of our investigators, we chopped down a ton of trees and then cut them up and hauled them around. This investigators brother cut a tree down in a pond and that really stunk to pull out. We got it out though. We got really good sandwiches from it though which was really cool. It's always a highlight when you get fed. We had a good days work though from it. 
   Sunday was good. We went to church which was pretty good. Nothing too crazy really to report there. 
   Monday was pretty good, we taught a handful of lessons but in between we did a ton of tracting. We had a good dinner appointment with some retired older people in our Ward it was a really good one. 
   Tuesday was pretty good also; we got to go to a less active house that missionaries have been trying to get into forever! And it turns out they love Crosby Stills and Nash, we were fast friends. Anyways that was a good success for us. Nothing too much happened in the rest of that, a handful of appointments canceled. This stunk. This area is hopefully going to start picking up and getting a little busier. 
   It's now sweater weather so that's nice, I get to break out my sweaters which is fun. I heard that the Utah Pipe Band got to play at temple square! That sounds super rad! I'm sorta jealous! Anyways things here are good, transfers are next week. I don't think I'm going anywhere which is good!Anyways hope you all have a great week! 

 Elder Richards

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