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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

October 14, 2015 Visit from Elder Arnold

This week was good, but it was a bit slower than usual but it's been picking up the last couple of days. So that’s good!
Anyways last Thursday was good! We had a mission conference with Elder Arnold of the 70. It was good! He taught us a lot about using members in missionary work and all sorts of goodies. It will be good. I think our mission is going to really do well with the things he taught.
Friday I went on a split with one of our district leaders Elder Bentley, he is in the Spanish program so I didn't really know what was going on. But it was still fun.
Saturday was good, we tracted a lot, nothing to crazy happened.
Sunday was good. Church was good. One of our investigators came, but she went to the wrong ward which stinks.
Monday was good, we went and took one of the priests in our Ward tracting with us. It went well! We knocked on one door and this very energetic older woman opened the door and asked if we knew her name. We said we didn't and she then told us she was a Whitmer, so she knew the Mormons. She said that she's Episcopalian now and that her ancestor is on top of our buildings. (Moroni?)
Anyways yesterday was good we busted out some member missionary work like Elder Arnold taught and it went well! We tracted for a bit met with one of our investigators and taught some members. Nothing big is coming in this next week! So we will just be staying busy talking to people! 
            Today I'm going up to Danbury to meet up with one of my old zone leaders and friend Elder White, we are going to hit "Chic fil a" there. We are going to come back to Norwalk because one of the new missionaries and trainer wanted to play board games with us. So we will head over for that. Then later today we are ending pday early, one of the missionaries from the new Canaan Ward is getting home and he wants to go out with us before he gets released. So that will be good! It's super pretty here! I really need to start taking more pictures!

Hope all is well! Love ya!

Elder Richards

Zone meeting with Elder Arnold
Did someone say food

Pictures from mission blogs

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