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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

October 28, 2015 Stake Conference

This week has been pretty good. Nothing really earth shattering happened. 
Thursday was a pretty quiet day. We helped a member rake up a ton of leaves, which was pretty good. It was nice to get out of the shirt and tie for a bit. Later that evening we split with the Stamford elders. So I went to the Stamford area with Elder Nagle. He is an interesting guy. Anyways the night consisted of him showing me all the pictures he has drawn on his mission. What a great time. 
The following day He took me to his area, we taught the restoration to a priest in the ward. We looked up some less actives. He took me to a really interesting Polish Deli. All in all in was an interesting day. We un-split in the evening. And it felt good to be home. 
Saturday I wasn't feeling super well. (Probably from the Polish Deli) So not much happened in the morning. Later we went to the Adult Session of Stake Conference. We had a pretty big surprise there also. Sheryl, our investigator who we have been trying to meet with for the entire cycle came to the session. Which is pretty cool! Seeing as how we have no clue how she knew about it. Saturday evening we got transfer calls. My apartment is not changing at all. But there are three missionaries training in the Zone, which is pretty cool.
Sunday we had to drive to New York to the Sunday session of Stake Conference. It was really good. The stake president wanted the meeting to be ran by the spirit so he had all the speakers not write their talks. They were asked to only bring their scriptures with them as they spoke and the only preparation they were supposed to do is pray for guidance and ponder their subject. It went really well I thought. Some people were really nervous in the beginning. But everybody including the youth speakers did a very good job. 
Anyways Monday We had district meeting. It was good nothing really to report there. That afternoon we spent doing odds and ends errands. We texted our dinner appointment to see if we were still cool for dinner and she texted back "no" so we were like that’s weird but what ever.  So on our journeys one member offers to take us out for dinner so we accept. We went to a really good pasta place. Anyways Afterword’s we check the phone and we got a ton of texted from the dinner appointment asking if we were coming so we call them and flew over to their house because they asked if we were still hungry and we decided we could be. Anyways we get there and explain the situation. Turns out that number we texted is an old number. So some rascal just texted back no instead of saying wrong number. Anyway that was a journey. 
Yesterday was a whole ton of tracting. We took a priest from the ward out with us. We saw some pit bull mixed dogs and one wanted to taste my leg and hand. It ripped my pants but my garments are still good. It punctured skin a little but not bad. As we were walking up to the door three dogs came barreling out and started barking. One nipped my hand too. But it was just a couple of scratches. As we were walking away we heard a lady’s voice from inside the house saying "watch out they bite" We replied that we found out. So that sort of stunk but it is whatever. Could have gone a lot worse. But I’m fine which is what matters. But yeah. Today we have transfer meeting this afternoon. So nothing much is happening right now. Hope you all had a great week!

Elder Richards

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