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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

September 23, 2015 New area and New companion Elder Johnson from Morgan Utah!

Week update.
This week has been a good one!
Friday was a sort of quiet day. We tracted a bit and New Canaan has some big houses! I tracted a literal castle. I will attach pictures at the end of the email. This is definitely a unique experience! We tract a lot of mansions! The people aren’t super receptive, but their maids are very polite to us!
Saturday was pretty good. We taught a few lessons which is always a good thing. We have a pretty small area, and it is very wealthy. But there is a pretty big ward here so most people in the town know the Mormons or they have a friend who is a member. So we can usually start a conversation that way.
Sunday was good. It was cool to meet a lot of the ward members. Sunday evening we had to get a ton of the district leader’s numbers and organize them all which sort of stank but it’s whatever!
Monday was good. We had district meeting which was pretty good then we tracted some more!
Tuesday was good too! We taught a few lessons! I met our most solid investigator Darlene! It was cool because she randomly started talking about how much she is grateful for the change the gospel has brought in her life. It is really cool to see people like that! Tuesday I dropped my iPad while tracting and cracked the screen a bit! It’s the worst! But it’s still functioning and the cracks don’t really interfere with anything so that’s a blessing! It’s crazy to think I have almost been out for a year! Time flies! All in all a good week! It’s been cooling off a ton and the leaves are starting to change which is exciting!
Elder Johnson far left, Elder Richards far right.
A few thoughts from this transfer are,
1- This transfer had a lot of unexpected changes! President Smith is changing a lot of the leadership! We are expecting a new AP this next one! Elder Reid goes home to Hawaii! Every zone leader companionship changed this cycle! So that pretty crazy!
Elder Richards, Elder Reid the assistant, Elder Hill and Elder Rains
2- So the schedule isn’t too bad! I don’t have as many small tasks as the district leaders do. I have to supervise the district leaders though which is pretty good! The only problem is if crap hits the fan. I’m the first in the splatter zone!
3- The new shoes are great! They are super light which is awesome and they fit well, keep my feet cool and are comfy! Thanks a ton!
4- My new comp is Dwayne Johnson from Morgan Utah. I was his district leader back in south Manhattan at the start of my mission! Which was pretty cool! We have been friends the entire time and now we are comps!
5- The area is small! And we have a few investigators! I don’t know too much about the others , I have only met with one! But her name is Darlene! She’s really cool! She lives with her daughter and has some struggles but she seems to really enjoy the gospel!
6- I miss the office! Elder Dutson replaced me there, and he is great! So I miss him!
Things are good here! They have some nice houses with some huge yards! I could see you loving them! It does stink Elder Scott passed away. But he is with his wife now so that’s really good for him! I’m really looking forward to general conference! It will be a good one I think! Its nuts how fast time goes by! I have to enjoy every day! It’s the only chance I will get to do this! Anyways love ya! Have a good one!! Hope you all have a great week!

Elder Richards

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