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Thursday, November 12, 2015

November 11, 2015 Find your warm clothes.

Week update
  This last week has been a pretty good one, It is starting to get really cold. But that's alright I've got some warm clothes to wear! It has been really rainy as well! Nothing too exciting has really happened. Just another week in the neighborhood. We got some referrals this week so we are hoping that they will pan out! Today I'm headed down to the temple, Elder Johnson is going to a Broadway play so Elder Holtom and I are going to cruise around and then go to the temple so it will be a pretty good day!
  Thursday we had another MLC! This one was with some of the people at the missionary department. It was pretty good. We talked a lot about how to plan. We did this one activity where we would watch one of the district videos (videos that are used to train missionaries) about nightly planning and broke it down piece by piece to see what they did and sort of did a play by play of it. It was pretty interesting, a 15 minute clip was broken up to an hour and a half long training event. It was a little long but good. 
  Friday was pretty good also, it was just a average day of looking less active people up and tracting, nothing really to report there. 
  Saturday was full of service, we started by raking leaves for one of our investigators, and she has a huge yard. But we got it done which is good.  The fall here is amazingly beautiful, but it also makes for a frick ton of leaves. Anyways after we were done raking leaves we went and helped to set up for the wards fall festival, it went pretty well. We made cotton candy for a bit and made a mess so we were relieved soon after. The fall festival was great though. 
  Sunday was good, a Russian family one of the Ward members met on a train came to church, they seem a little weirded out, they said it was very different from the Russian Orthodox Church. Which I could imagine. But they said they were going to come again! So we will see how that goes. 
  Monday was average, district meetings went well. In the evening one of the priests from the Ward texted us and asked if he could come out with us, which was awesome so we had him come and ended up teaching two lessons with him so it was a real treat. 
  Tuesday was pretty uneventful, we went and did service at the old folks home, which was pretty good. One of our favorite old lady's is sick which stinks, the rest of the day was pretty quiet. I've been practicing my bagpipes, they seems harder to blow then I remember! But all is well! I hope you all have a great week! 

Elder Richards

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