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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

June 1, 2016 Finally getting to teach Anthony!

Week update
This week has been a pretty average one, here is what went down.
            Thursday was a quiet day. Oscar cancelled and wanted to meet on Saturday instead. So most of the day was spent doing finding.
            Friday's highlight was our investigator named Dwight, who has been investigating the church for a little over two years now took us to dinner with the girl from Utah who introduced him to the church. So that was pretty fun, it was a good time. Dwight is an interesting guy, he knows pretty much all he needs to know about the church. He is just missing something that is holding him back from being baptized. Hopefully we can figure it out soon. It was still fun to go to dinner with him though.
            Saturday was pretty good, it got really hot outside, in the morning we did a meals on wheels service opportunity, we delivered a ton of meals to elderly people in this huge senior apartment building. So that was pretty fun. It was Fleet week this week as well which was pretty fun. All that really entailed was a ton of sailors and marines everywhere, and they got sick discounts everywhere! The highlight of fleet week was they had one of those helicopter airplane hybrids (like the ones at the start of the first transformers) flying around. Saturday night brought with it transfer calls, Elder Burton is staying another cycle and he goes home at the end of it.        
             Sunday was a pretty quiet day, our investigators weren't able to come to church due to it being Memorial Day weekend. So that sort of stunk.
            Monday was pretty good, once again it was wicked hot. The highlight of the day was we got to teach Dwight. He opened up to us during this lesson and we were really able to understand some of his concerns and help him to overcome them. I think it went really well.
            Tuesday was a weird transfer day, although neither Elder Burton nor I got transferred we had to go up to Inwood to a weird technology training meeting. It seemed a lot like a transfer meeting though. So that was fun. Elder Moss one of our roommates went home and we got Elder Tatafu from Alaska taking his place. Later in the afternoon Anthony actually showed up and we got to teach him. We told him that he really needs to commit more and show up much more regularly.
            Today we are I think headed to the met which will be nice. I think. Anyways it has been a pretty good week. Hope you guys all have a great week! Also, I just remembered on Tuesday we woke up way too early to go play kickball as a zone, I don't quite know if it was worth the lost sleep to stand around in a field. But a cop showed up and played for bit so that was fun.

Elder Richards

Early morning soccer!

Manhattan Elders

Keeping the spirits high!

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