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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

June 8, 2016 Elder Bennett visits the mission!

Week Update
 This week was a pretty quiet one, mostly because I was down with the sickness, I got some sort of food poisoning or something, but we will get into that later. 
            Thursday was pretty good, Elder Burton went to Scarsdale for a meeting that the returning missionaries go to so I was in a trio all day but it was good. We got to do some really solid contacting in Central Park. Which is always a good thing. It’s super nice in the park right now. Everything has greened up and it's beautiful. It was hot though which did stink. But it was good to talk to people.
            Friday was the start of me feeling sick which really stunk. I spent most of the day in bed or in the bathroom
            Saturday I was sick as well.
            Sunday was good though I was feeling better, we went to church and it was good. We had our Investigator named Alex come. He is probably our most solid investigator right now which is good. We had a wild Gospel Principles lesson that he attended. We were talking about final judgment, and our teacher gets really side tracked and was talking about all sorts really deep doctrine and stuff. And we got into the three degrees of glory inside the celestial kingdom and we got lost. Then we started talking about sons of perdition and outer darkness and that was wild. We had to clear up that it is pretty hard to become a son of perdition. One of the members in attendance said some crazy stuff that offended our investigator so that was wild. Anyways in our next class before we started we were able to clear up any questions or concerns with Alex. And he's a really good guy so he didn't really care. 
            Monday was quiet, we had district meeting which went well. Elder Burton had to practice the piano for mission tour, so I ended up splitting with Elder Newbold. He is a really good guy. 
            Tuesday was really good, we had mission tour with Elder Randall K. Bennett. And it went really well he is a really good guy. He taught us all sorts of stuff and I feel like a lot of it can be used really well in the branch. Out of all the general authority's that have visited the mission I think this one was one of the best ones that I learned the most at. He taught us all sorts of cool stuff about the premortal life and how to be good missionaries and a ton of other good stuff. I really enjoyed it! And afterwards we even had a dinner appointment which was awesome! 

            Today is Elder Burtons birthday so I told him he gets to decide what we are doing. And I don't think he has figured it out yet. So I don't know what we are doing today! Hope you all have a great week!

Elder Richards

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