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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

March 18, 2015 Not even bad hand writing will stop the work!

   This week’s been pretty cool! it’s been a lot of meetings again! so that’s cool in its own way! It seems like I was just writing about last week! Anyways this has been a pretty good week. It’s been pretty warm lately! so that’s really cool! Except it decided to snow today for some reason!  
   Thursday was a interesting day, in preparation for Zone conference we all had to back up our iPad s so the majority of the day was spent backing up all the files and stuff, which wasn't very fun. Friday was zone conference so that was really fun, we got new iPad s, and talked about how to prevent athletes foot. It felt like this was more of a housekeeping zone conference rather than a Crazy spiritual one. But it was still spiritual, we learned about the new initiative the church is doing for Easter So that's pretty cool it’s going to be really awesome! It’s called "He lives". It’s really a Spiritual powerhouse. It’s going to be really good! 
   Saturday we got to go to the temple with Steven Pendergrass! he is so solid! he is getting ready to go on his mission and he leaves next Saturday. So that's crazy! Anyways after that we also had stake conference. It was the adult session and it was really good, it was all about Councils and how to have a effective family, ward, and stake councils. Then at the Sunday morning session they talked about reverence and to have a foundation of faith. And it was really chill. 
   One thing interesting Elder Hallstrom of the presidency of the 70 said, was that every member will at some point in their life have a personal Gethsemane with trials specifically tailored to us, and that we will either turn towards Christ and His atonement because it will be the only place where we will find peace, strength, and healing or we will turn to ourselves and become mad at God and eventually ourselves. Which I thought was powerful! So they counseled to build that faith in Christ and never neglect doing your daily patterns of personal worship such as praying and reading the scriptures. Make your person worship just as focused as your public worship. They used the analogy that it’s easier to pull a few weeds a day then letting them build up and then trying to work through them all at once. Needless to say it was a great Conference.    
   So after it was over we went to give a baptismal interview for some of the sisters in my district. It was pretty cool the guy is Haitian and he loves Joseph Smith! So that's cool! We also found out that a sister who was attending our YSA wards for only social aspects decided that she wants to learn more of the spiritual side of our religion so that's wonderful!    
   Monday we had district meeting And then we had a lesson with a recent convert but she didn't show up which stinks! but that's life. Yesterday was Crazy! We ended up giving a blessing to this lad who lives in Inwood. that's a long and confusing story! but we ran into one of our potential investigators, an Asian woman named Jing. She was actually looking for us because she tried to call us but she couldn't read the phone number! (I wrote on the card! whoops!) but it just goes to show nothing not even bad handwriting will stop this work! Anyways it was a great week! I'm looking forward to next week! 

Love you all have a good one!

Elder Richards

I got my game ON!

What a view.

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