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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

March 4, 2015 Training, training, training.....

Hey everybody this week was petty good,
   On Thursday we had to members from the quorum of the 70 come, so that was really cool. They talked a lot about the gospel of Jesus Christ. it was a four hour training but it seemed like 30 minutes. it was awesome! I took a ton of good notes.
   Anyways then on Friday we did a crazy planning session, I helped Elder Essler get the gist of how our area works. But that was the main event of the day. Saturday we went to a baptism for a guy I was privileged to interviewed. It was really awesome. He is so prepared to receive the gospel. It's awesome to see! 
   Sunday was pretty good, everything seemed quieter than usual which was weird. Monday we had interviews with president which
was pretty awesome! He's a great guy! I really enjoyed chatting with him! He gave me some awesome things to think about which is sweet!
   Then we had a three hour training by the APs it was good though! A lot of training! then yesterday we had district meeting which was pretty good, and we then got mail and had two lessons it was pretty busy!
   Today we are going to go wander around Elder Essler has some stores he wants to check out so we are gonna be all over! 
   Have a great week though!
Preach the gospel to the world!

Elder Richards

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