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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

March 11, 2015 Just another week!

Hey everybody!
   This week has been alright, not to much crazy awesome stuff happened, Thursday we were going to meet with a lady interested in learning more about the church, but the day before we met with her she decided she wasn't interested anymore, so that is really unfortunate, but that's life I guess. Other than that, Thursday was mediocre at best. Friday we taught some crazy guy who a random member from somewhere wrote in, he has short term memory loss, and it was just a very interesting lesson. Then we had dinner that was interesting also.
   Saturday was interesting also, it appears I'm the only one with the ability to clean in our apartment so I did some cleaning because it was really bothering me. We also got to go to Steven Pendergrass's apartment for dinner, he is an awesome guy. And we had a great dinner.
   Sunday we had church. Sait, the less active member we helped to reactivated gave a talk, it was awesome. He also set up the sacrament as well, we helped him to do that. Anyways we also had one of our ward missionaries bring a potential investigator to church, she's from Shanghai or something but she really enjoyed the meetings but she hasn't set a date to meet with us yet. But hopefully she will soon. And come to church again on Sunday.
   Monday was not so good, I had a migraine most of the day, and I hated it so once it was mostly gone I got up and we went to work. It was a really nice day which was nice. We tracked some projects but yeah the latter part of the day was much better. Elder Essler forgot to take his med pills that day so that was rough.
   Yesterday was pretty good I interviewed most of the district which was cool. It was rainy but I really enjoyed it. But really nothing to crazy happened this week. The wildest thing was we were walking to the temple, and there was a ton of teen girls in front of the Lincoln center. Then some guy crossed the street and they all started screaming and chasing him, it was like a movie. Pretty wild though!

Love ya

Elder Richards

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