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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

February 25, 2015 New Companion, Elder Essler.

            This week's been pretty good. I had to say goodbye to Elder Cloward which stunk, he is an awesome guy, he will be missed! Anyways I was in a trio all day Thursday and so we made sure to clean the apartment really well. Friday was transfers, and we had to wake up really early to go help a sister move her stuff, and she had a ton of stuff, it took my trio and her three roommates to take all her stuff. It was ridiculous, hopefully she will down size!
            So we went to transfers and president Morgan talked a lot about a training we are going to have tomorrow, two of the 70 will be coming to talk to us, one is the head of the missionary department and the other is high up in the missionary department also, it sounds like a pretty big deal. They are going to have us take a break from Facebook for a while too which is interesting. So I'm excited to see what is going to go down. So the rest of Friday was basically waiting for my new companion Elder Essler from Perry Utah, to come down from New Paltz, so while I was waiting I got roped into helping some Spanish missionaries do a proselyting activity, I basically stood outside in the cold for two hours and held a sign because I don't speak Spanish. But I was still serving so that's cool! Then Elder Essler got here and I took him to the apartment and he started unpacking, (it took three days) then we headed out to teach for the evening. Saturday we got to go to the missionary leadership council in Scarsdale, usually only zone leaders go but President Morgan wanted to have district leaders go also so I showed up. It was really good, we talked about how to be leaders and how the white handbook is still scripture. I guess alot of missionary's think it's outdated and no longer relevant because we have iPads, but if that's the case, the Book of Mormon is no longer relevant because we don't engrave metal plates. But that's just my view. I really enjoyed the conference though. Sunday was pretty awesome. I had the opportunity to give Sait the priesthood today which is awesome!. He's such a solid guy and he has come back to the church with such a awesome desire. He is solid. Also our investigator Penelope got me a birthday present of some "Burton" shirts which was super nice of her! And she came to sacrament which is even better! It was a really awesome Sunday. Monday was pretty mediocre, we had zone meeting and that was really the highlight, yesterday was alright too, it was busy we got the mail and I got the little post card things you guys sent out! They are awesome! Thank you so much! And today we are going up to Harlem to check out the target up there and tonight is really busy with lessons and stuff! Anyways have a great week!

Elder Richards

Teaching with the Son's of Mosiah!
Saying good bye to Elder Cloward.
Elder Essler

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