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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

February 18, 2015 Service Project!

   This weeks been a really good one! I've really enjoyed it! Thursday we did a huge service project for a place called "Project Renewal", it's a detox program for men, so basically they have these men addicted to alcohol come and live there for a handful of days in this facility while they learn about breaking the addiction cycle and stuff like that, we painted a room that was full of beds. It took a
while but we got it done! It was pretty fun! The next day was pretty cool! We were at Grand Central Station because Steven wanted to take us to lunch and we got free reordering from a huge old spice vending machine! So that's handy! I'm gonna be smelling nice for s while! Valentine's Day was alright, the highlight of the day was handing out free hot chocolate to taxi drivers, I was giving some to a driver and a drunk British woman in the back seat started asking me questions about the church, so I start talking to her about prophets and how we are Christians, then she told me to get in the car with her because she wanted to take me on a trip, so I was like what the bones? Anyways I told her I love what I do and thanked her for the offer but no thank you. Then the light changed and the taxi driver took off. That was the highlight of the day, 
   We found out our returning less active Sait is a DJ he writes his own music and stuff too so I'm going to have to check it out when I get home! Sunday was awesome we got two new potential investigators which is totally awesome! And Sait is going to get the priesthood next Sunday which will be totally rad! Monday was my birthday and it was really fun! We had so many food appointments and we were busy all day! And in the evening I thought we were going to a family's FHE but instead they had a little birthday party for me! It was really kind of them! I loved it too! Monday was a good day! Then yesterday we mostly packed elder Clowards stuff and got him ready to head home! Which is good! He's gonna enjoy it, he is sad to go though! I also got my birthday packages yesterday! Which were totally awesome! I love them! Anyways all in all a great week! We have seen gods hand in the work a ton! And miracles are everywhere! 
Birthday treats!
Us Missionaries

Birthday treats!
Have a great week!

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