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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

February 11, 2015 Thrills of the subway!

This weeks been pretty good!
   Thursday was pretty good. We taught a lesson way down in the financial district which is unusual! We were there a lot this week! We taught a returning less active about how repentance wipes away sin and guilt and that he doesn't need to feel bad about the past once he repents then Friday another one of our returning less actives took us to dinner, he is such a solid guy. He is so happy to come back to church. He is really solid. Friday we also went down to the financial district again to have a elder who served here from Kazakhstans wedding certificate endorsed, but the office closed literally once we got there. So that was a no go, Saturday we taught lessons we had our bible study but only one of our investigators showed up and she was the only one, but we still taught her! Sunday we stayed busy with church and meetings which is nice to have meetings that stay the same every week. Monday we called a lot of our less active list and set up times to meet with them. So that's good! Steven got his mission call too! He's going to the St. George mission! It will be cool! He is so excited! Then yesterday we delivered some homeless shelter stuff for most of the day. 
   One crazy event that happened this week is I was on the subway and a midget with a huge orange beard came on the subway and started telling me all about his life, he came here from Ireland and went to Georgia to be a actor but he has absolutely no identification with him, so he started telling me it's impossible for him to get a job, and then he told me that I fear the unknown and that I'm afraid of fear which was pretty random, anyways he then asked if I would give him 14 dollars so he could buy a leprechaun suit so he could go get money from tourists in Times Square. So that was a highlight. 
   Another weird thing I saw was this guy with his cat just sitting on his head on the subway and he would badger you for a dollar if you took a picture of him, he was really interesting. We didn't get a pic because he started badgering us. 
   Anyways it's been a pretty good week! 

Love you all!

Elder Richards

Watch out for Leprechauns

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