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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

February 4, 2015 Book of Mormon Yoga Class???

   This week has been pretty good! We have been teaching awesome lessons lately! We got Saits records into our ward now which is awesome! We taught him about the priesthood and how it's organized and how it blesses us, it was awesome! We are working to have him get the priesthood soon! He's such a solid guy!
   Saturday we cleaned the baptismal font to make sure it's super clean for whoever uses it next, because in the past there has been hair in it, which is gross but not anymore! Fast Sunday was awesome, the testimonies were rad, then in a lesson we talked a lot about the enabling power of the atonement and the difference between faith and knowledge it was really good! We also have been challenging members of our ward to give out a book or Mormon and so far two have done it which is awesome! I think it's going to turn out well! We had zone training on Monday, it was pretty good. We got some snow also but it wasn't horribly bad! Just cold! I got food poisoning or something on Monday but it was not fun, we also went on splits that night so I had Elder Holtom over, then yesterday we taught a lesson in the morning and tried some street contacting but it was really cold!    We have been shoveling a lot of snow here! We shovel the temple pretty much whenever it snows, it's pretty good! We are starting a bible study class! We work with a lot of Asians who don't know anything about the bible so we are hoping to help them with their understanding.
   Nothing super crazy happened this week! So that's good! We are trying to find some of our recent converts that have been missing for a while so that's keeping us pretty busy!  
   We are doing good here! Penelope is doing good! She's currently in Boston with her friends but she should be back soon! She came to church two Sunday's ago which was a huge step and she seems really willing to come to family home evenings and ward activities which is awesome! She still has struggles understanding the church and she is very strong willed so it's either all or nothing with her! But we are going to slowly work out all her concerns then she should be good!
   Johns doing good! He attends a different ward because one of his friends is there and he is a ward missionary in it too! We are still meeting with him too! We give him the new member lessons! He is really awesome! 
   We have a new potential investigator from England we haven't met her yet but we have talked on the phone and we hope to meet soon! So most of our our investigators that pan out are all member referrals, the others either bible bash or are insane!
   I do focus on the sisters too! We have really awesome sisters in our district, they add so much to the mission here! 
  There is a really interesting ward member in the mid single adult branch that meets in our building who wanted to do a "Book of Mormon yoga class" it got shot down so she brought it to our ward, the concept is that you do a yoga pose then relate it to a Book of Mormon story of person, we passed her to the bishop, who decided that it may be a good idea for a different time, and ward. So that was interesting! 
   Anyways have a great week!

Elder Richards

Me, Elder Cloward and Ray the really awesome mission leader in Poughkeepsie

Our Philippine boy band

Me and some missionaries in our district

Times Square with snow

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