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Thursday, May 14, 2015

May 13, 2015 Elder Cook and Mother's Day

So this week has been really rad,
   Really the highlight of the week was Saturday! Elder Cook came and visited the mission! it was awesome! He talked to the mission for 2 hours and It was just awesome, a real spiritual powerhouse. He taught us a lot of really cool stuff!
   Afterwards We went to a pass off lesson in my old area, the sisters there were passing off this guy but he didn't want to budge and said that since he is a investigator he doesn't have to attend the church or ward he is supposed too. So we will see how that all works out!
   Nothing too much has happened other than that this week! All of our investigators are progressing nicely! We have moved baptism dates, but its always a good thing to do that rather than baptize unprepared people! 
   Sunday was a real real treat! It was so fun to talk to the family! Also another fun treat is we found a  bodega that has a screaming deal on glass bottle coke!  It's transfers today so we are all over the place, just chilling out and help people move bags and stuff!
 Anyways! have a wonderful week!

Elder Richards

Some people get the idea!

Chillin out!

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