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Thursday, May 7, 2015

May 6, 2015 Tracting is full of surprises

This week has been good!
            We have tracted a ton! And we haven't gotten
kicked out of any apartment buildings either! So that's always good!
            We have had some adventures during the tracting also! We met a Heebie
jeebie! (Hebrew Jew Israelite is there official name) I don't think
I've talked about who they are but they are a religion of African
Americans that believe that first only the black people are Jews,
second, if you aren't a Jew you should be killed, third they carry
around wooden swords and believe at the second coming a black Jesus
will change their swords to real ones and they will kill everyone to
purify the world.
            Anyways we tracted into one! And he was nuts! He was
asking us if we knew who the Jews were so we told him they are
descendants of Judah, and anyways we always ask people who harass us
about how we aren't worthy because we aren't Jewish about the tribe of
Ephraim and how we are Ephraimites and it blows their mind, but this
guy didn't know the bible enough to know who Ephraim was, he just
started quoting Jeremiah 14:2 over and over so we left but it was a
            We also got a new investigator named Ross, he seems really
solid! He wandered into the 65th street chapel and he was taught then
passed up to us in Inwood! He's really awesome though! I don't have a
whole ton of time today! But I will get to talk to mom and dad on
Sunday! So I'm really looking forward to that!
            We are skateboarding Central Park today
So we are going to be busy!
            Anyways have a great week!

Elder Richards

Last week P-Day at the Yankee's game
This week P-Day Checkin out Central Park

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