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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

April 29, 2015 Did someone say Ice Cream?

This week has been pretty good!
            Thursday was fun, we went to Fort Tyron park for our exercises, It was really pretty, the Cloisters are at the top of this hill that essentially is the park, Anyways It was really
pretty because all the flowers are starting to bloom, It is wonderful.
            Elder Ficklin is getting ready for football so he was running up the hills because the park is really all uphill so I just rode a penny board around it was really awesome! Its totally rad! So later that day we taught Paul Cabell again, he is really a interesting guy but he loves having the missionaries come over, and he is really nice so we stop in to see how he is doing and we brought him a candle we bought him for his birthday, so that’s rad. he seemed to enjoy it. Later that day we went and had Dinner with a rad member family. They lived on a boat for seven months and sailed from somewhere in the Caribbean to
New York just for fun they are really cool!
            Friday was pretty interesting, we got a referral so we went to look it up and it turned out to be a preacher at the Manhattan Bible Church he wasn't there but another preacher there told us to comeback again later to see if he is there. So that will be interesting. Later we went to our lesson with Jay he called us I think on Tuesday and said he had some concerns and he didn't know if he wanted to be baptized, Anyways we had a
member from the ward come with us and he Really helped we cleared up all his concerns and It was awesome, We will probably still move his baptismal date back but it doesn't really natter when he gets baptized he just needs to be ready! Anyways it was a really awesome lesson.
            Saturday was spent mostly tracting so that was all right. Sunday we had a regional broadcast from salt lake With Elder Anderson and Elder Hales speaking It was really good! Sisters Reeves from the Relief Society Presidency Threw down and Was spitting fire about how real repentance is it was totally awesome! It was a Rad stake/area conference. Later that night we went to dinner with our ward mission leader at his house and his neighbors down the hall are members too and we ran into them and it turns out that he was my junior high band class student teacher. And now he is a big shot on Broadway so that’s cool. Mormon connection.
            Monday was pretty good. We went to district meeting. And President Morgan Invited Elder Ficklin and I up to the mission home for dinner and him and elder Ficklin are working on a document together so we were looking forward to that but a sisters
appendix was wigging out so we got a rain check but its all cool.

            Tuesday we tracted a lot, the highlight of the day was the near by grocery stores freezers went out so they had a wicked deal on Ice Cream. But that’s been the week! Today is pretty busy! We are going to The Yankees Game so If you see to Mormons By the batter its us! Elder Ficklin got us hooked up with some screamin tickets! Also before the game we are going to cruise the parks a little It will be fun! Anyways, have a great week!

Elder Richards

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