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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

April 22, 2015 Tracting, Tracting, Tracting, and more Tracting!

Week update!
   So this week has been pretty fun and crazy in Inwood! Lots has happened! So last Wednesday we went to the Cloisters it’s a museum in Inwood and its a branch of the met it was really cool it had a ton of medieval art! Then we took a subway down to central park and threw a Frisbee around down there. It was pretty cool. 
   Thursday was pretty good. We spent the morning in the financial district. We got the one Elder who lives in Kazakhstan, papers done. So that’s good! On the subway up we met a member who just moved into the city so that’s cool. She was freaking out. So we showed her the Temple/chapel. Then we bounced. After that we went to the clothing exchange and sorted a ton of donated stuff for pretty much the rest of the evening. 
   The next morning we had a huge line of random people waiting to get in to the gym for the clothing exchange. And we let them in and they went nuts. There was Elder Ficklin and I and the AP's. It was nuts they pretty much took anything of value. There was one lady who came and picked up a ton of stuff took it down the street and then started selling it on the street, it was weird. Anyways we then hauled the rest of the stuff to the AP's truck and took it to a good will. We had to make two trips, And while we were buzzing around Manhattan we stopped in at Taco Bell for lunch. It was really fun, after that we swept the gym and the Spanish and English wards had a combined party that no one really showed up too so it was a little awkward, The English missionaries destroyed the Spanish ward at Volleyball though. We were back to back champs 4 times then we had to leave for an appointment. But it was pretty cool regardless. 
   Sunday we went to church but none of our investigators  came to church. So that stunk but church was still really good. After church we did some tracting then we had a dinner appointment that was interesting. I ate some nasty yogurt that nobody warned me about and one of the AP's caught a picture of it. I will be sure to attach it. 
   Monday was pretty good we had District meeting which was pretty good our district is only 4 missionaries and so they are sometimes quiet but the sisters this week were chatty so it worked out well. After district meeting we went home made lunch then we bounced to do some tracting. After we did that we went to a dinner appointment it was pretty fun! They had chips and salsa and for some
reason when you are on the island of Manhattan Salsa prices double so I have been missing it! Anyways it was a treat. After dinner we went and looked up some less actives. 
   And yesterday we had an Area Proselyting Focus it was pretty interesting basically me and Elder Snieder our Zone leader were assigned by a set of sisters a certain bus to ride for two hours and talk to people. So we got on the bus and the only people on it were Jehovah’s Witness Missionaries, So we rode it and then just decided to go talk to people in a park so we did that. Later the evening we went to visit a less active, it was crazy! But really good too it was a good thing we went and visited them! 
   It's amazing as you bear your testimony, it's what touches people, you can teach doctrine all day but once we bear our personal testimony its when the spirit can really testify! It's really awesome! Tracting has been pretty fun, we are always meeting crazy people!
   Prophets are rad! That is a amazing experience! I've been learning so much about how wonderful it is that we actually have a prophet alive today! It's awesome! 
   On the way home we were walking though the park and we found a skunk! IN the middle of Manhattan! It was nuts! Anyways today we are going to the temple and that’s all we have really planned! 

Have a great week!

Elder Richards

Pulling a fast one on me, Bad Yogurt, me no likey!
Come rain or shine!

Skunk in the park, stand back!

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