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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

April 15, 2015 Free ice cream!

Week Update
So this week has been really crazy! We have had lots of fun though! So to start off Thursday was crazy! There was just this random old man in the hallway of our apartment with a circular saw cutting some edging. And he has this little dog running around. Anyways we talk to him for a bit and next thing I know he is giving us his dog to wash! We told him we give service, and he asked if we would wash his dog. So we did! I’m not going to lie it was nice to be able to work with a dog! I miss mine! Anyways later that night we went to a sport night the ward mission puts on. Pretty much a whole ton of hood rats showed up and played basketball it was really weird.
Friday we went and taught a member in the ward Paul, he is really interesting. He is super lonely so he has the missionaries teach him a lesson once a week. So we taught him and on our way out he remembered that we will go past his Laundromat on the way home! How convenient! Anyways he has us take his laundry for him. Anyways we went street contacting. It was pretty interesting. We went on this bike ride that was full of people, until we got on it! Then it was like a bone yard. It was weird anyways afterwards a Less Active called us and said he wanted to meet and he had a present for us! So we head over and let me tell you it was quite a surprise! It was a picture of an African American Jesus. I will attach a Picture its unique he said he got it at the chapel a couple of years ago. But I’ve never seen a picture like it at any chapel, but who knows I give him an “A” for effort, anyways we taught him and that was about the day.
Saturday we were woken up at 6 am by Paul. He wasn't feeling good so he needed us to pick up his laundry that day. I don’t know why he felt like he needed to wake us up early but he deemed it necessary so I’m like whatever. I was a little upset though. Anyways we spent most of the day doing service at this community service garden thing it was pretty good I just moved rocks around and pulled weeds and fixed some PVC sprinkler system it was pretty good, I enjoyed it, it reminded me of working at the barn. Anyways we got pizza out of it so that cool! Later that day we were tracting and we go to get inside a building and an orthodox Jew lets us in and we walk in and there are like 40 orthodox Jews chillin out in this lobby of the apartment building. So its way awkward because they all have the black robes and the curls and the cowboy hats on, And then there is me and Elder Ficklin in full proselyting clothes so we b line for the elevator to drop off blood drive flyers, And we get inside and see all the Hebrew and realize that we are in the Jewish Neighborhood! Then we realize that it’s Saturday their Sabbath! So we head back to the lobby walk past all the Jews and head out! It was way weird!
Sunday was a Fiasco! Sacrament was good for us at least, the sisters invited a woman to come to church Saturday night and she showed up but she was very drunk, she was pretty good until sacrament. Then she started yelling. She was calling the sisters Satan and she was yelling at the bishop that she wanted to talk to him because he looked peaceful and she wanted his peace. Anyways the second councilor came down and took her to the bishop’s office and they chatted from what I understand. The whole time we were sitting with our awesome investigator Jay, he missed all of it too because he was reading the Gospel of Jesus Christ pamphlet. It is cool he has a baptismal date for May 9th so we are looking forward to that! Also in gospel principles he made a comment about how the book of Mormon is kind of like the scriptures, how they guide us to God and never change. It was awesome! He has only met with us three times and he is just super prepared! It’s awesome!
Anyways Monday was mediocre We street contacted pretty much the whole day, we ate lunch on a bench and some random Mexican man came up to us gave us free Ice cream because we weren't Jehovah's witnesses then he preached to us about the apostasy and how the trinity is crap. Half of it was in Spanish it was way weird but I got free ice cream and he actually was teaching true doctrine so that was cool! And another highlight someone on the subway was blasting Africa by Toto so that was a tender mercy. Tuesday We went to the finical district to do some legal work for one of the missionaries it was pretty fun it was basically like a day at the DMV but it was whatever! But that’s been about the week! Inwood is nuts!
Today we are going to the cloisters! It’s a museum right by the chapel here in Inwood. It’s a branch of the Met so it will be pretty cool!
            Anyway it’s definitely been an adventure! I’ve been Praying for both sets of grandma’s and grandpas! I hope they are doing well! I’m still hitting the gym! I’ve been super sore lately but that’s good! We are having a clothing exchange on Saturday and I’m super excited to see what weird items people bring! I’m looking forward to it!
Anyways! Love you guys have a great week!

Elder Richards
The dog we got to wash!
Hey! How you doin?

Reminds me of Grandma Rieske!

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