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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April 1, 2015 New Companion, New Area, Same City!

Hey guys!
   This week has been a pretty interesting one! A lot has happened! Anyways to start off last Wednesday night I got a call from President Morgan! He was calling me to be a trainer for an Elder from the Philippines and also he wanted me to train him and open a new area! Its nuts! So I accept it, and go on about my evening. The next day, was pretty average we buzzed around Taught people nothing to crazy.
   Friday I headed up to Scarsdale for the train the trainer meeting. So to start off, President begins to talks about weird trainer situations. And so he has me look at Elder Driggs another Elder who is training and he asks Elder Driggs what happened to his trainee and he's like he went home after day one. So then Presidents like, "Elder Richards your trainee isn't coming either!" It turns out his visa got revoked and he is stuck in the Philippines right now. So there is a plot twist! I don't know if I will train him next cycle or what! Anyways, President wanted me to still open the area so he is having me do it with Elder Ficklin, he is going home soon and just got released from being a zone leader so I would say that’s good news! Also Friday night we said goodbye to Steven Pendergrass! He left for Tennessee then he is going to the MTC afterwards! He is a great guy!
   Saturday we went Contacting in Central Park! It was pretty good! It’s getting to be nice weather!
   Sunday was average; we had one of our new Investigators Jorge Cabillo come to fast and testimony meeting! It was pretty rad!
   Monday we had Zone meeting, it was petty good! It felt weird because they were planning goals and stuff for the zone but pretty much the whole Zone is getting moved around! Anyways Monday was average.
   And yesterday was spent the majority of the day packing! So that’s pretty cool! We also went to a member house for dinner and we invited Jorge to come with is and he did! We taught the plan of salvation and got a baptismal date! So that’s way rad! It just stinks I wont be here to see it! Anyways I’m headed to transfers now! Have a great week!

     So I’m at transfers! My new comp is Elder Ficklin! From Arizona he seems really cool! I’m opening the new area to! I don’t know a whole bunch about it. But yeah I’m just hanging out! I am still on Manhattan island and my area is 155th street north to the tip of the island. This is north of Harlem and its where a lot of people from the Dominican Republic live. It will be pretty fun I think! I’m looking forward to IT! so there were missionaries here a couple of cycles ago but they pulled them out and now they are opening it up again!

 Elder Richards 

Kicken it!

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