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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

May 20, 2015 And that's a crazy lady!

This week has been a crazy one!
Thursday was pretty mediocre, we just taught a handful of lessons and that was about it! Friday was good also but nothing to crazy happened,
Saturday was nuts! A ton of stuff happened! So we went down to south Manhattan to teach a lesson to a guy who lives in our area, but the sisters down there were poaching. So we go down to the 66th street chapel and our Bishop was there so we talked to him and he said that this guy who we went to teach should be baptized in the ward that he feels most comfortable with and that once he is settled in he can be moved. So we are like whatever and we go into this lesson. And take note this guy has been taught for six months and was scheduled for baptism for a Saturday two weeks ago but the bishop of that ward said he should go to his own ward to be baptized. Anyways we start teaching him and we talk about the book of Mormon and Joseph Smith, and he tells us he knows Joseph Smith was a prophet and he highly doubts president Monson is one. So one of the sisters shows him a restoration pamphlet and he had never seen one before! So that’s crazy! I don't know how he passed the baptismal interview! 
Anyways later on Saturday night we were waiting for one of our investigators to show up back in Inwood. And a person who isn't allowed in any of the chapels came in! So we called the Bishop and he said we needed to go ask her to leave, so we did and she called the cops on us! She told them we were holding here in a dark room with no food! It was Crazy! So we called our bishop again and he said to Just let the cops come and he wanted to talk to a member of the ward who was at the building practicing singing. So we go give the guy the phone and he comes and tries to talk to her but she would only talk on the phone. Anyways the police came after she was outside and so me and my comp just stood out there talking to this persons friend who had no clue her friend wasn't allow in the buildings.  Anyways the police came and they didn't even get out of their car they just talked to this person the whole time, then we heard them say that this is between her and the people in charge of the church and they drove away and so she literally skipped away. And I was left standing there in awe of what just happened!  It was bonkers! Then Sunday we found out she tried to get into a different building! Its nuts! The rest of the week was pretty quiet which is ice after such a crazy day!
I've come to realize how awesome blessings are! I'm still studying them though! Yesterday we were walking down the street and some random Christian guy wanted to come with us to a lesson so we said yes and he was nuts! He wanted to heal a less actives hand by praying and holding it, and the less active had no clue so we explained that he was just along for the ride to see what our life was like. So that was really strange!  But I've really enjoyed all my studying I've been able to do!
But yeah other than that it’s been quiet. I’m getting a cold or something. I’ve been waking up with a stuffy nose every morning. But I’ve been taking Sudafed which helps!
Yesterday one of our investigators Ross decided to be baptized on May 30th so that’s bumping. And today is going to be a nice quiet p day we don't really have to much planned so I'm just hanging out! Anyways hope you all have a great week!

Elder Richards

Dewin the Dew!

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