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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

February 10, 2016 Great lesson on Sunday!

This week was a good one, nothing really to crazy happened. It seems like crazy things don't happen like they used to when I was in the city. 
   Thursday was pretty quiet. 
   Friday we had MLC or Mission Leader Conference and discussed the need of the mission. It was pretty good. Nothing to exciting happened to report on. We have zone conference this week. It seems like we have had a ton of meetings lately, which kinda stinks because I'd rather be out and about than in a meeting but oh well. 
   Saturday was the same.
   Sunday was good we had a great experience in the evening. We stopped by the Ukrainian family we have been trying to get a hold of the last while. So we decided to just stop by and they were home and invited us in which was awesome! We taught the first discussion and it went really well. The best part is the whole family seems to be in on it which is rad! Hopefully they will continue to be able to meet! They seem like a family that has been very prepared! The rest of Sunday was pretty slow. We stopped by the Rizzi Family earlier in the day, but they were leaving for a party and didn't seem super receptive. So that sort of stunk. 
   Monday we had zone meeting. It went pretty well. The Zone seems to be doing good. Following Zone meeting we went to a Chinese Buffet which was pretty rad! 
   Yesterday was good we spent the afternoon trying to look up our investigators who we haven't seen for a while, but we didn't find any of them which stunk!
But we will keep trying. All in all a really quiet week! I hope you all have a great one!

Elder Richards

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