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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

February 3, 2016 Trials come to polish us up!

   This week has been a pretty good one! It's has also been a pretty average week, I have a lot of those. The highlights have been we gave a Book of Mormon to one of our members personal assistants two Sunday's ago, and we didn't really think much would come from it, because we thought she just took it more out of courtesy than interest, but this last Sunday she showed up to church and said that she had read the pages we left with her and she loved it and wants to learn more. So that was really awesome!
   On Saturday Elder Judd and I went on splits with some priests and we went and stopped by one of our investigators who's not progressing a ton , but we ended up getting a referral from her which was awesome! We also have been able to get in contact with the Ukrainian family from a while back which was really cool as well!
   The work in this area is picking up petty nicely which is Awesome! We haven't been able to see the Rizzi family last week. And Shawn was the investigator who gave us the referral.
I have come to know that we all have trials come to polish us up, to refine us so we can truly understand celestial glory. In order to know extreme happiness you also must understand extreme sorrow. But through our sorrows and afflictions we are always blessed so it doesn't seem so bad.  
   It's pretty much spring here now the temps have been super nice lately, last night we went cruising around in just white shirts with rolled up sleeves! The weather here oddly reminds me a lot of California which is weird. But I've been enjoying it!
   This week when we went to serve at the rest home we saw a fight break out in the dementia unit, this one lady was sitting next to her "husband" whom she actually isn't married too, but she was also sitting in this one other old lady's favorite chair, so they start dukeing it out until the nurses got involved. Needless to say it was the most intense part of the week.

Nothing to exciting else happened! But I hope you all have. Great week!

Elder Richards

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