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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

February 24, 2016 New investigators!

Hey guys this week has been a pretty good one! Thursday was a good day! 
   Thursday we spent the morning at Waveny, the rest home. Which was a pretty good time, then afterwards we drove up to Danbury to drop off my iPad at a repair shop! It was a nice drive! Then we drove back to New Canaan and had a dinner appointment with the Gutierrez family in our ward! it was really nice, we spent the rest of the evening cruising around New Canaan looking up investigators which was pretty nice. 
   Friday was another good day, we picked up mail then drove up to Danbury to pick up my iPad, it was nice to have it back in working condition! Then after that we were out visiting members!      
    Saturday was a slower day, we spent a while trying to find a place where we could get a map of New Canaan, but we didn’t really have any great success which sort of stank. But nothing really exciting happened on Saturday. 
   Sunday was a good day! We had some new people who we have never met before come to church and it was a Russian family, for some reason we teach a ton of Russian people. But anyways we got to give them a book of Mormon and tell them about the church so hopefully we will see them soon!    
   Monday we had district meeting and that went good, afterwards we went and spent the day trying to find people. 
   Tuesday was pretty interesting, they had shut down a lot of the roads due to a storm we got, but the storm wasn't bad which really surprised me. But not many people were out yesterday so it was a longer day. Transfers are coming up soon! Which is weird! This last cycle has flown by! I hope I will stay with Elder Judd, its possible but not very likely! Things have been going good though! The people that live here had winter break so they all went skiing in Utah, so church was super quiet as well. All in all it was a good week just a little quit! 

Elder Richards

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