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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

March 2, 2016 Making a full circle! Transfers. Elder Degraw.

Week update. 
          So this last week has been pretty good! Thursday was good, unite frankly I can't remember a whole ton that happened.
          Friday we got to go work at the rest home for what would be my last time, we had a good time though. It was really cool to get to know all those folks personally. They had some cool stories! The rest of the day was a quiet one.
          Saturday was good, not a whole ton happened, the highlight was we got transfer calls, I got released as zone leader, and sent to the Manhattan single adult branch. It's a pretty interesting branch! It's like a prototype unit the church is trying it's for people that are too old for YSA wards. So it will be pretty interesting, the new area is the entire island of Manhattan, which is pretty cool! It covers both of my old Manhattan areas! I'm also living in the apartment I started my mission in! Which is sort of weird! It feels weird to be back in the apartment! It still smells the same! The work in the branch is very unique also, we can't really tract a whole ton, and everybody in the branch, has to work to be able to afford to live here. So nobody is home during the day. So the work is interesting here. But I think it will be funI'm excited to be back into the city! It will be fun to walk around again! Being in a car all day is pretty good, but walking and getting out is nice also! It's also fun to have the entire island as my area! I'm really excited about that!
           Sunday was a good day, church went well. It was weird to say goodbye to a lot of the members. After church was pretty good as well. We had a dinner with the Rosdahl family which was really fun! They have been a really nice family to work with! Anyways! After word we went to mission prep and then we when home and I started packing!
           Monday was good, We went to district meeting which was nice, then we went and got Taco Bell for lunch! Then we went and I sent home my bagpipes. Then we went out and tried to visit some investigators with one of the priest. Then we went to dinner with sister Ohrn which was pretty good! Afterwards we went home and I finished packing.
          Yesterday was transfers. President moved transfers to Tuesday instead of Wednesday which I think is a pretty good idea! But yesterday I had a pretty smooth transfer! Which is always rad! 
I unpacked yesterday bought some shampoo, and we had a dinner appointment which was pretty great! Today we are going to get groceries and monkey around which will be pretty nice, So I'm looking forward to that! Anyway have a great week! 

Elder Richards 

Transferring Missionaries

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