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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

March 16, 2016 Subway rats, converts going to the temple and disgruntled Muslims, what a week!

Week update
            This week has been a pretty good one. It was another really quiet week teaching wise which sort of stunk. It is interesting to spend out the days in this area. But we stay busy. Which is good! I will share a couple of stories from this week though! 
            One night we were coming home from Harlem and we were waiting for the subway so while we were waiting we were kicking trash at the rats on the track, and this drunk gay Asian guy walks past us and said something about how he loves Mormons, which was weird but we were just like, “whatever". So he wanders off down the track and we stayed where we where and about ten minutes later, he came back and asked If there were gay Mormon, to which we replied that there are gay Mormons, and he was awestruck. This branch I'm in right now has quite a few gay members in it. Which is pretty unique. It's definitely a unique branch. It keeps a lot of people coming to church that normally would have left which is awesome! So we invited him to come to our church, to which he simply replied that he was drunk and he wandered off.
            On Sunday we had stake conference which was pretty rad! The president of BYU came and spoke; he had a pretty awesome message! He was talking about Jesus Christ and taught some cool stuff and brought the spirit really powerfully! It was a great meeting! I also got to see John Payne, he was a banker I got to baptize when I was starting my mission so it was really cool to catch up with him. He is getting married to the member who introduced him to the gospel which is really rad! He is getting married on Saturday in the temple. So it's cool to see an eternal family! He is a good guy! He wants to take me and my comp out to dinner when he gets back so that will be cool! It was a real cool experience! 
            On Monday we were cruising on our way home from district meeting and some Muslim guy stopped us, I could hardly understand what he was saying, but he managed to prove that the bible, and whatever other book Mormons believe in. (The Book of Mormon) wrong in less than thirty seconds which is a new record. Anyways he was saying something about how Jesus and Adam are brothers, which is actually true. But somehow that proves all Christendom wrong. Then at this point I think he bit his tongue or something but his mouth started bleeding which creeped me out severely! So I took a step back to get out of the splash zone and he babbled on for about ten more minutes, for some reason he was talking about how he met a Jew at a college down the street and that is important to his crusade for some reason. Anyways he came to a stop, in which we told him we politely disagree, and offered him a restoration pamphlet. And he walked off shortly after looking disgruntled. It was one of the more interesting encounters I've had with the Muslims! 
            Anyways it was a pretty good week! The coolest part was definitely seeing that John is getting married in the temple! I hope you all have a great week and a happy St. Patrick’s day! Have. Great week!  

Elder Richards 

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